Wednesday, October 26, 2005

RALA-Gel (100% R-Lipoic) on Sale. Can you believe it?

It's true, only $29.95. You know we never put GeroNova stabilized lipoics on sale so this is a genuine special opportunity.

RALA-Gel is a third generation, MCT transported r-lipoic acid. Stabilized against heat and stomach acid polymerization. Why use anything else?

Grab it and growl. Limited quantities.

Email Update 3

Our email server came back up last night, so with fingers crossed, I say we should now be good to go to send/receive email again.

While any downtime on any server is unacceptable, our host has handled this whole outage with consummate professionalism. The good news is they have had a trial by fire, discovered the weak spots in their network, and should be more dependable than ever before.

Here is the link to our web host- Verio. Read these status updates to get a feel how a serious business is run. Our previous web host ignored a service outage and made excuses. So we fired them.

You might be entertained to know our email, static website, shopping cart and blog are all on different servers. The shopping cart, on a secure, encrypted server has never went down and should always be available to you.