Monday, October 24, 2005

Hurricane Wilma, LEF Orders, Your Emails

The good news? is up, running and serving you pages.

The bad news? Our email has been down for about 8-12 hours.

Why? Hurricane Wilma! But you say, Relentless Improvement is in California?

Our web and email hosting servers are in Boca Raton FL which is hit hard, millions of people are without power. The web servers are currently running on diesel generator back-up power (and may be for days), and the email servers, which are separate from the web servers, were proactively powered down to conserve what energy the server farm does have.

One of our suppliers web sites, Life Extension Foundation is down. LEF is located in Florida. If you want to order LEF product, as an authorised Life-Extension Distributor, we have product in stock, and are ready to ship to you.

Dedicated servers with triple redundant power and 100% uptime are astronomically expensive, but it drives me crazy when things are not running at peak efficiency to serve our Customers. We will make whatever changes are necessary to insure your ability to obtain products and contact us.

I marvel that the internet works at all given the variety of hardware and software that has to work in concert to bring you our ecommerce site. Non-technical people, as most of you are, have no idea of the symphony that I must conduct in order to provide you a fast, easy and well-designed purchase experience.

But that this how it should be. You should never have to see how the sausage is made in order to enjoy the smoky goodness :-)

Aubrey's Balls

Seems the anti-aging cause has reached the big time. If you define big-time as having a link on the Drudge Report. That is what happened today as Drudge linked to this fascinating story about Aubrey de Grey in The Journal of Higher Education.

Who the hell is Dr. de Grey? How do I feel about him?

Look to your right. See the little blinking cream and green bug?

The Methuselah Foundation/ Methuselah Mouse MPrize is the foundation mentioned in this article. Relentless Improvement has been a contributor and staunch supporter of the foundation. We also link to it on the "links" page of (other good 3rd party links there too).

So, go read that article, get your exercise, eat right, sensibly employ premium-quality supplements and live long enough to live forever.

Oh yeah, the title of this blog post? ...

"There are people who say that if Aubrey says it must be right then it must be wrong." At the same time, despite his criticism, Mr. Finkelstein has some appreciation for Mr. de Grey's role as provocateur. "I like him," he says. "He ruffles feathers. He has the balls to say stuff."