Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Carnosine Eye Drops for Cataracts

We previously offered two products for use topically in the eye. Carno-See from VRP and Clear Eye Carnosine from AOR. The only difference is Carno-See contains added Vitamin A&E in the formulation.

We have since discontinued both products and now offer a fully tested, pharmaceutical quality 1% N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine eye drop in the Relentless Improvement brand.

3rd party testing is your ultimate assurance of quality and claimed acetyl-l-carnosine content.

In the US, we are forbidden by law from making health claims about our drops, but they are the same formulation (acetyl carnosine does the work) as that used in the research studies you have read.

Relentless Improvement is your home for the highest-qualtiy vitamins and supplements


Food For Thought

We are lucky here in the San Francisco area to have a variety of great places to eat. One of my favorites is Cafe Gratitude near the Mission area of downtown SF.

Have a look at this menu and see if perhaps it inspires you to try some new things with your cooking. Of course, if you are in the bay area let them do the cooking for you.

In our bulk processed, mass produced, run-around world, we often give short shrift to the basics of taking care of our bodies. Study after study recognize the benefits of good eating.

Your body was designed by nature to use lean meat, vegetables, nuts (NOT peanuts which are a legume!) as its fuel source. Sugars (any kind except xylitol) and flours in my opinion do far more harm than good.

Let today be a new day, let your mind rest for a few minutes on that menu. Find a place to eat with a vegetarian menu, or better yet a "live foods" menu. Try a week with no sugars or grain flours. See how you feel. Let me know what happens.

I bet you have a clearer head, more energy, fewer naps and a smaller waistline!

Onward Upward,