Monday, October 10, 2005

The More You Know, the More Questions You Have.

Two articles I read today dovetail nicely, and reinforce what I learn every day- just when I think I have a clue of understanding things- BOOM.

For example, consider your vision. Your drive, you walk, you work, you play and in every interaction you use your vision. But what exactly do you see? Hmm, seems we do not know... Check out this article citing research by Duke University Medical Center:

"The basic problem, recognized for several centuries, is that the image on our retinas can't specify what's out there in the world," said Purves. "The light received by our retinal receptors tangles up illumination, reflectance, transmittance, size, distance and orientation," said Purves. "This means that there's no logical way to get back from the retinal image to what's actually out there in the world."

The second article takes a slighly "larger" view on things that we can and cannot see. Specifically:

"For years, some astronomers have known that there isn't enough visible matter in the present-day cosmos to explain the existence of gigantic objects such as "superclusters" of galaxies. Even over the 13-plus billion years of cosmic existence, gravity couldn't condense matter fast enough to explain such huge structures, computer models show.

So astrophysicists have long assumed the universe is pervaded by "cold dark matter," an invisible form of matter that supposedly hastens the condensation of visible matter."

Cold Dark Matter? Yikes!

The Hubble Ultra-Deep Field photos really blow me away. How can you not think of your life in the context of the Truly Big Picture?

If you are a logical, curious, person, you have to sit back and ponder the wonder of it all. What an awesome time to be alive, so much progress, so much to learn and explore.