Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Small World

This is one of those spectacular Northern California days. The air is clear and crisp and gives you a little extra kick to your step. Our offices look out onto rolling golden hills, and believe it or not- a vineyard!

Everybody knows Napa now produces world class wines, but Livermore (where we are) also has about 15 (?) wineries, offering some very good product.

You all know I love to pick up the phone and talk to my Customers. You tell me the towns and state and countries you live in and I think of what your life might be like where you live.

I have been to nearly every state except the far north east, so the imagination is pretty easy. As I strive to add many of the special touches that Relentless Improvement is known for, who you are, what you do, and what your life is like are key considerations.

Ever visited a web site or had contact with a company and received an impression of who the center of their world was? I have- and the answer is usually themselves! Ha!

If the owners of other businesses are "too busy" to answer the phone to talk to you, what exactly is more important?