Saturday, September 24, 2005

Our International Customers

"I receive today. Your the best in price and services. Thank you."
Albon- France

"Just to let you know I have now received the order.
Thank you!
Martin- Australia

We ship all over the world, and we love our International Customers. S&H is $10 up to 1.5lbs, it averages about $5 additional for every pound above that. You will find us to be very competive on our international shipping rates.

Feel free to email ahead of your order for a firm quote on shipping.

Regarding VAT's, customs taxes, import duties etc. We do NOT charge you for any of these. Any local taxes are entirely your responsibility. Our European friends may be used to VAT being charged for inter-country transactions. We do NOT do this.

Most orders ship within 24 hours, we have never had a lost or damaged order. The only order we have ever had refused by local customs was Ortho-Core multi-vitamin (of all things) by Denmark.

With the internet, it is now a small world. Let us earn your trust and provide you a great value for your Euro, Sheqel, Yen, Won, Peso, Zloty, Koruna and Krona's.