Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Thought:

"Companies should be idea-led and consumer-informed"
-Doug Atkin, partner, Merkley Newman Harty

I love it.

We firmly believe that only a relentless pursuit of innovation and quality can ensure our long term success.

Thank you to our Customers for your support. Your positive feedback fuels our passion to provide you a perfect buying experience.

Happy Friday,

Hurricanes and Your Supplement Prices

You might ask...
Wha? How would a hurricane affect the cost of supplements that I buy from you?


The oil wells in the Gulf Of Mexico have been pounded, and much of the US refining capacity is located on the gulf coast which, as you know, has suffered enormous damage. It is a simple situation of supply and demand. Supply has been reduced and demand has held steady. In business, that always results in higher prices.

Increased petroleum costs pervade every aspect of our lives. In the case of the products that we sell, our suppliers have already advised of higher costs associated with the bottles. The increase in cost will be on the order of 25%. (late edit- the cost to the bottlers of the bottles will be 25% higher)

We and our suppliers will absorb as much as we can, but at some point we will be forced to pass along these cost increases.