Friday, September 16, 2005

MPrize Challenge

I was quite thrilled to receive an email from Aubrey DeGrey. Good stuff is afoot with the Mprize. We have already put our money where our mouth is and are about to do more of the same. Now it is your turn. The benefit is, after all, purely selfish! :-)

Dr. DeGrey says:

"SENS2 conference was a huge success, some of which extended to the Mprize. In particular, the Mark and Judy Muhlestein Family Trust has issued a $25,000 challenge donation, which means that every donation to the prize is matched 2:1 (i.e. trebled) starting today. The offer expires on Jan 1 and all these funds will be put into the Rejuvenation Prize pot. We're aiming for $200k in cash and $2 million in long term commitments by Jan 1 and we're confident we can do it, especially with some help."

Don't just sit there- follow this link and make a contribution. In a world of snake-oil and bullshit, MPrize is the real deal.