Friday, August 26, 2005

Small Company Customer Service- WeCare Wireless

DSL, Cable, Wireless broadband update:

We practiced what we preach- and signed up with WeCare Wireless Networks today. What I mean by that is we emailed them last night at 6PM for a quote, and today at 10 AM we are installed and running!

That my friends is what Customer Service is all about. Any of you in the Tri-Valley (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin) area of Northern California deserve to explore a wireless broadband internet connection. David Curtis is the man to talk to, 925-449-4272.

For as horrendous as the Comcast and SBC experience was, WeCare does indeed "care". I couldn't be happier about partnering with them.

Comcast Business Internet and SBC Business DSL would leave you as a business to go out of business in the time it takes them to figure out if:
A. They actually can offer service where that say they can.
B. Get service up and running.

I suppose it is Darwinian, the big bloated old business dinosaurs will die a deserved death, and the more adapted and customer oriented business will supplant them.

As it should be.