Thursday, August 11, 2005

Customer Service- What is up?

You buy something from somebody, and by habit you thank them and the response something to the effect of- "No problem".


Call me old fashioned- but I say "you're welcome". Actually if they are buying from me it is "No- Thank YOU!" with a big smile in my voice.

The other issue is companies making it oh so damn difficult to purchase from them in the first place. For example, Ikea and Comcast Business Cable. Phone menus that last for what seems like hours, people that do not know their jobs, and the worst is that the reality does not meet the marketing.

Don't say you offer a service when you don't (or if it is fraught with fine print). Sheesh.

One of my founding principles with Relentless Improvement is to get you what you want. Fast. Easy. Painless. Life is too short for poor purchase experiences don't you think?

Blog posts will be sporadic as we initiate our move to bigger offices and warehouse over the next 2 weeks. Please forgive me and I promise to be back to my old prolific posting in September. Lots of new stuff soon to be available to our Customers, some very interesting new products under a new Relentless Improvement private label, an even better website, and the same quick order fulfillment.