Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Is Summer Roasting Your Supplements?

Seems we are all experiencing a really hot summer. Some people have temps of over 100 degrees F. Now, have you considered where your supplements are warehoused?

We have.

Because some substances lose potency (or worse) with extended exposure to heat. I do not want to take impotent supplements and I sure do not want to sell them to my Customers!

All our inventory is kept in climate controlled warehousing. Controlled for heat (80 F or less), humidity (less than 30%) and sun (none). Think of the big vitamin and supplement suppliers and their warehouses roasting in this summers heat. Think of how risky that is for the products that you buy.

Special items, our EPA Brite and Myelin MS, are kept refrigerated while warehoused for maximum potency and freshness.

Pharmaceutical grade products should be handled as such. We thrive on offering you a better value, thanks for your support.


Pyridoxamine (Pyridoxall)

Just added a new product- Pyridoxall, containing pyridoxamine. This substance has been very hard to obtain and is quite popular among the life-extension folks.

We will have it in stock Wednesday or Thursday, order now to reserve yours.