Friday, July 29, 2005

Return Policies

Folks send us emails and typically the feedback is to the effect of "wow, you ship fast", or "thanks for the high quality" or "I really appreciate you answering the phone and helping me with my questions".

But it is not always wine and roses!

Got this in the email this morning (exactly as written)-

"I just read you return policy and I can tell you I will never order from you again and make sure all my freinds who I network with know about your return policy.
Every other Vitamin and supplement online company has a return policy; some even cover the return shipping. Your policy is an insult to the health industry.
II would like my entire order canceled therfore. I just sent one email saying I wanted to cancel just the Lithium Orortate, but now I want to cancel both supplements.
Since I ordered them at 2:39am on friday (today) I see no reason that you can not cancel and refund my money.
Any company dedicated to advancing health through supplements and vitamins and such woud never have such a "non-return" policy.
Please cancel my order below and refund before it gets processed.
PS, Any auto genreated labels makes no diffeence: wher he labesl are there before or auto made makes no difference. You should stand by your product with at least a 7 day return pollicy like Serenity and the other products they make do. Also Natures Way and the other reputable ones offer returns."

Our Return Policy is quite simple and should be self-explanatory. We do not want to (re)sell you a product that has been out of our possession. Do you care if you receive a product that had been previously shipped, handled by a Customer, sent back and restocked?

Please Email Me and let me know, I would value the feedback.

There are some other issues.
  • If you went into a pharmacy and had a prescription filled, would you even dream of asking them to take it back for whatever reason?
  • Merchants are assessed a transaction fee from their credit card processor for ALL transactions including refunds. Do we raise prices to pass along those expenses?
  • Every time we touch a product it creates expense, which has to result in higher prices to our customers. Having a no-return policy keeps your prices low.
We want to offer the best value for those that shop carefully and do their homework. Our regular, repeat Customers know- we work our butt off to make them happy.

If you have the Wal-Mart mentality, we do not want your business. Our regular Customers can't afford it.

PS-I cancelled order of the individual that sent the email.