Monday, July 25, 2005

Cynthia Kenyon's Anti-Aging Work

Some of you have enjoyed reading this blog post I wrote back in May about extending healthy lifespans and Cynthia Kenyons work. Now we have the full published peer reviewed article. Professor Kenyon is another Northern Calfornia located anti-aging specialist.

Put on your thick glasses and pocket protector and dig in, this is some good stuff. The upshot is that breakthrough research is going on in the field of anti-aging and extending healthy life spans. The more we think we know, the more it seems we find that we do not know.

I am convinced that healthy living today will lead to a very lengthened lifespan in my future.

Suggestions for now:
  • Keep a weight that is appropriate for your size.
  • Get exercise on a regular basis (just walking or taking the stairs is a good start!).
  • Eat more fish and vegetables, cut out sugars and grain flours.
  • Use pharmacy grade nutritional supplements, that are highly bioavailable. These are investments, not expenses.
My supplement suggestions would include Ortho-Core from Advanced Orthomolecular Research for your anti-aging foundation. This product insures you receive the necessary vitamins, minerals and most importantly- phytonutrients to support long healthy lives.

So as to optimize glucose metabolism, and obtain enzyme and DNA repair, nothing beats Mito-GOLD from GeroNova Research. I use two per day, and to gain more beneficial R-Lipoic acid, I also use GeroNova's R-PLUS (75mg RLA, 75mg DHLA). GeroNova is simply the world leader in bioavailable lipoics, the MCT transport achieves the critical time-release effect necessary to gain the greatest benefits.

We work day and night to bring you the latest and most potent supplements available in the world. But it is not really work, we love what we do- helping You to be the best You can be.