Wednesday, July 06, 2005

R-Lipoic Update

I use Mito-GOLD and the brand new R-PLUS every day and have never felt better in my life. If you aren't using an R-Lipoic product every day you are missing out on one of the most beneficial products available without a prescription.

New K-RALA encapsulated powder direct from the manufacturer is now available (A Relentless exclusive). Yeah! You need no longer risk unknown suppliers, contaminants and generic powders. Priced to put a grin on your face. Did you read my post from a few days ago? The introductory pricing goes away in less than one month.

New lower S&H costs are a great excuse (why do you need an excuse anyhow?) for you to try any of our R-Lipoics. No better quality or bioavailabilty in the world and nobody knows more than we do about R-Lipoic use. We specialize in them. Call us and see for yourself.

RALA-Gel is running low, and when exhausted, it will be several months before we can get more. They don't manufacture it in the summer months due to the heat sensitivity of some or the raw materials.

In the next few days I will be making available some very informative graphics on the history of RLA. Comes courtesy of GeroNova and it is fascinating stuff (and never been published anywhere before).

Also working on a R-Lipoic 'cheat sheet' to help you choose the product best suited for you- I have heard you, and I know some of you are confused by all the choices. In the meantime, I am always available for questions and to help you make the right choice. Never be afraid you will ask a "dumb" question. The only thing dumb is not to ask.


New- Lower International Shipping Costs

Now $16.00 Shipping and handling for up to 1.5 lbs. The more International orders I receive, the lower it goes.

(Most orders are under 1.5 lbs. )


Relentless Improvement™ Brand Product

The bottle shots will be made prettier tomorrow but here is a sneak peek at our Relentless Improvement™ Brand Product. More to come where it makes sense.

We are using a supplier with 20 years of highly respected industry experience for all of our private label products. Experience matters. I had a chance to meet some of the people involved and was very impressed- no cheap Chinese powders here my friends, they use pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This is another local, Northern California company.

So many retailers have no idea who is behind the suppliers that they buy from. We have always been convinced it is imperative to build a strong relationship with our suppliers and meet them face to face.

Had a very good, long conversation with a prospective supplier today. They are quite cutting edge and I was impressed with what they could offer my Customers.

Had (yet) another long conversation with an existing supplier that will be shocking a lot of people by the end of this year. Just wait and see what they are developing and will soon be available (teaser- custom engineered molecules manufactured in actual pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities).

Lots of incredible stuff coming down the pike, some of which will be exclusive to Relentless. Let others race to the bottom, we are in the race to the top.

Thanks for your support, and always let me know how I can serve you better: 925-236-2255