Friday, June 17, 2005

Good Enough? Hell No! "A Relentless Search for Better"

Do you ever read Seth Godin? I do. This post from him got me to thinking about what I am doing. Read it, and come right back...

Are the supplements that you take "good enough" ?
Is the form of the ingredient or the brand "good enough" ?
Is your daily regimen "good enough" ?
Is the research "good enough" ?
Is the science "good enough" ?
Is the bioavailability "good enough" ?
Are you buying something for a few bucks cheaper because it's "good enough" ?
Why would anyone believe they are not worthy of the very best?

My personal curse (and for you, my Customer, a blessing!) is that nothing is ever "good enough". I am driven from the depths of my psyche to seek better, faster, more effective, more potent, more bioavailable, safer, and dare I say- more aesthetically pleasing?

Are you using some form of a supplement just because it is good enough and not reaching to improve?

GeroNova Research isn't
AOR isn't
Relentless Improvement isn't

Change is good.
Searching for better is good.
Making the switch for carefully considered reasons is good.
Because of this blog and my site, "better is showing up". We are not big. We are however, the best, and getting better.

I am always here for you if you want to discuss how you can feel better, faster, stronger, younger.

Thank you my Customers for your confidence and your business.

Happy Weekend!