Sunday, June 05, 2005

More From the American Aging Association Meeting

One thing I learned- there is no shortage of disagreement on any given view. Keep in mind the folks here were all at least PhD's, and most of them working on the very bleeding edge of research. Another surprise, just how little is known about the aging process. I am sure the majority of physicians are fine, hard working people, but they simply cannot keep up with all the latest breakthroughs. The goods news it that a wide variety of things are being looked at in the anti-aging field.

Let me point out that this conference lasts 4 (FOUR) days! 7 AM-6/9PM. Wow!

I was able to meet more of the GeroNova team, and am even more impressed than before, if that is possible. One is a PhD specializing in cell biology, another is a PhD analytical chemist and plasma analysis/HPLC specialist, and both specialize in anti aging and bioscience technologies. The fact that GeroNova attended this conference as a sponsor, and made themselves available for discussion on their proprietary R-lipoic acids speaks volumes to the market leading nature of their business. When you, as a business, put yourself in that kind of position, you damn well better have science behind your products!

I will post links to some never before seen R+ plasma level charts in the next few days. Results and courtesy of GeroNova. Prepare to be shocked.

Another interesting tidbit, lots of people are blueberry believers. Yup, if you follow nutrition and anti-oxidant research at all, you already knew blueberries were good for you. Mother natures way of helping you stay younger.