Saturday, June 04, 2005

American Aging Assoc./Amer. College of Clinical Gerontology Meeting

Much more tomorrow but here are some high points. I had an AWESOME time today at the annual joint meeting of the American Aging Association and American College of Clinical Gerontology at the Marriott in Oakland CA. It was attended by essentially the majority of specialist researchers in the US, and probably the world that focus on anti-aging therapies.

Big thanks go out to Karyn and David at GeroNova for the invite to hang out with them. GeroNova was one of only five sponsors, and the only "supplement" sponsor invited to attend. I would point out that the main sponsor was non other than the Ellison Medical Foundation. Yes. THAT Ellison, Larry Ellison.

It was an incredible learning experience. Got to meet many noted people including one of the formulation wizards from AOR (know to some as AORSupport) and saw but did not have a chance to meet, Aubrey DeGrey.

More tomorrow.