Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fatty Acids Really are Brain Food- New Research

This article is good stuff. Take your healthy oils!

"The scientists have now discovered that the brain protein syntaxin acts as a tiny sensor of the fatty molecules. They act to unlock syntaxin, which then becomes activated and forms a switch for increased neuronal communication."

"Dr Davletov said, “This discovery underlines the necessity of carrying out molecular scientific research, which as well as being valuable in its own right, can potentially lead to important public health applications."

One more reason to use products from AOR -Advanced Orthomolecular Research

Their EPA product is an oil targeted for mood support, research shows efficacy in depression and bi-polar, and I have customers using it for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Ciguatera toxicity.

The DHA product offers cardiovascular benefits.

Life Extension brand offeres an EPA/DHA combo with sesame lignans for added bioavailability, and olive fruit extract.

Regardless which product you choose, all are pharmaceutical quality for purity and greatest possible beneficial effect. Grocery store or mass merchant quality varies widely and may actully put you at risk of heavy metal toxicity. Who needs that?