Sunday, May 29, 2005

MUST READ! New Research: Live to 400? Youthful and Vigorous the Whole Way

Absolutely amazing research, breathtaking in its import.

Let me hit the high points of this article about Cynthia Kenyon - Herbert Boyer Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco.

"her lab at UCSF has increased the life span of tiny worms called Caenorhabditis elegans up to six times their normal life span by suppressing a single gene"

"...she (Dr. Kenyon) has totally changed her diet, eliminating most sugars, including those found in processed flour."

"She also drinks red wine and green tea, which her lab and others have shown help repair cells and contribute to an increased life span."


The following paragraph about her research set me afire with excitement as we specialize in pharmaceutical quality, highly-bioavailable anti oxidants!

" (Dr. Kenyon says) Some of the (longevity) genes function as antioxidants -- they stop the damage done to worm cells by free radicals." Free radicals are chemical by-products of cell metabolism, mostly created by the burning of oxygen, that wreak havoc on a cell's mitochondria, DNA, proteins and enzymes by stealing electrons. Deprived of electrons, molecules then start snatching them from each other in a vicious chain reaction. Cells counterattack with free-radical-scavenging enzymes called chaperones and other damage-repair mechanisms. Over time, free radicals and other environmental toxins -- such as ultraviolet light, heat and radiation -- can overwhelm the cell's defenses, allowing the toxins to tear up DNA, rearrange and delete genes, and initiate either runaway cell growth (cancer) or cell death. Free radicals contribute to human illnesses from emphysema and some cancers to Parkinson's disease and vascular disorders. The daf-2 in worms and similar genes in humans seem to be involved in repressing the synthesis of free-radical scavenging enzymes."

"At 50, Kenyon looks 35."

So, what can you do today while we wait for the new gene breakthroughs to apply to us?

1. Follow Dr.Kenyon's diet suggestions. Eliminate the sugars and refined flours. All sugars.

2. Supplement with a pharmaceutical quality EgCG green tea extract. Relentless Improvement's EgCG is ideal.

3. Religious, daily use of antioxidants! Critical for DNA repair, mitochondria health, and gene protection. Suggested dose of 400-600mg R+ Lipoic Acid daily for antiaging protection. In my opinion, this is your best choice:

Mito-GOLD from GeroNova Research. (The latest in high-bioavailability formulation. I use RALA-Gel and Mito-GOLD daily)

4. Use pharmaceutical grade Benfotiamine as an Advanced Glycation Endproduct inhibitor (a so called AGE-inhibitor) to halt or reverse existing damage done by sugar at the cellular level. The first clinically-proven defense.

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