Saturday, May 28, 2005

Standardized Formulas and Doses

Always read your labels!

I am doing my homework today to be sure what I offer you is the highest value and most potent. Bacopa is what I was focusing on, and here is what I found:

Many offerings at a wide range of prices. BUT, they are trying to fool you my friends. Many brands I examined are standardized at only 20% baccosides. Ours is 50%. When the math is worked out, we are actually lower cost per dose!

Don't be fooled by the marketers tricks. They want you to think you are getting more for your money, but the opposite is true. There is no free lunch, and a quality product is not given away. Always read your labels to compare active ingredient dose.

Your choice- support a business that is out to empty your wallet. Or support a company that built on helping you.

PS- Just had a conversation with one of my Customers, Eileen, who wanted to find a pharmaceutical quality EgCG product. She didn't want a green tea powder, she wanted pure EgCG and she wanted to be sure it was rich in the full range of EgCG catechins. I was thrilled to be able to offer her exactly what she sought.