Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Knowledge vs Wisdom

Warned You that I was prone to post opinion on whatever had my dander up (don't tell George Carlin I just wrote "dander"!)-

One of my favorite aphorisms:
Knowledge- knowing how to do something.
Wisdom- knowing not to do it.

The supplement business offers consumers a wide range of choice; high end, low end, grocery store quality, Pharmaceutical quality, no quality(!), prices from $1.99 to $199.99. Powders, capsules, bulk, safe and risky. Private label, name brands, niche suppliers, plastic baggie powder merchants. Grocery store, vitamin store, internet retailer. Formulations with no bioavailability, and total bioavailability.

You, the Customer, have a plethora of choices. Choice is a beautiful thing... if exercised wisely. Choice, in the hands of the ill-informed or the maturation-challenged is another story.

The powder merchants seem to be the latest fad. In a race to the bottom to bring the masses the most for the cheapest. One little glitch in this Goldilocks scenerio- you, as a business, just sold your customer a years supply of some powder. You, as a business just made $20 profit. You, as a business, are operating in a niche market with a quite finite supply of customers. It ain't calculus to figure out -

1. The kind of quality, service and integrity you can offer your customers.
2. You will go out of business pretty quickly.

Now, you as a Customer say, well who cares right? As us guys say "we got ours, see ya later!". (editors note- I wound never say that :-))

Are you sure you don't care? What was really in those powders and capsules you purchased? You did swallow them you know. What is happening with your credit card information that you handed over? Is it sitting on some computer that is now being sold to a data-harvester after the company folded? Or did your identity get stolen even before the company folded because they couldn't afford or didn't bother to use password protection, anti-virus and data encryption technology?

You thought you were smart, because you had the knowledge to discover that lowest price. However, wisdom might have dictated a merchant of integrity.

Knowledge vs Wisdom, Cost vs Value.

Hmm, kinda makes you think eh?


Immortality Institute

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