Saturday, May 21, 2005

Harvard University says Vitamin D3 = Anti-Cancer

New research out today is stunning:

"... Dr. Edward Giovannucci, a Harvard University professor of medicine and nutrition who laid out his case in a keynote lecture at a recent American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Anaheim, Calif.-
"I would challenge anyone to find an area or nutrient or any factor that has such consistent anti-cancer benefits as vitamin D," Giovannucci told the cancer scientists. "The data are really quite remarkable.""

Another quote:

"The talk so impressed the American Cancer Society's chief epidemiologist, Dr. Michael Thun, that the society is reviewing its sun protection guidelines. "There is now intriguing evidence that vitamin D may have a role in the prevention as well as treatment of certain cancers," Thun said."


If you are not reading my blog, you probably have no idea about this ground-breaking research. Please, pass this URL to your friends and anybody that you care about: and tell them to read it every day.

The article goes on to say-

"Supplements contain the nutrient, but most use an old form - D-2 - that is far less potent than the more desirable D-3. Multivitamins typically contain only small amounts of D-2 and include vitamin A, which offsets many of D's benefits."

This is the reason I specialize in Advanced Orthomolecular Research brand products. Both Ortho-Core and Essential Mix have very low Vitamin A (only 500 IU), and use the D-3 form of Vitamin D at a perfect 1000 IU dose. How much A and D-3 is your supplement giving you? You better run, not walk, and look.

Formulation by professionals in ratios dictated beneficial by the latest research.

AOR broke from the pack early on by recognizing that too much Vitamin A can have deleterious effects on bones and absorption of D-3


Deprenyl (selegiline) Now Available. (in disguise)

Bacopa is a natural (superior) alternative to deprenyl.

Thank you Peter, my AOR sales rep and all around nice person (as Western Canadians inevitably are), for pointing this out to me.

Many folks use deprenyl for its reputed anti-aging effects on the brain. I use it. One problem- it is prescription only in the USA so you have to find a doctor willing to write one for an "off label" treatment, or, like I have done, buy from an offshore pharmacy.

But this whole time I was getting deprenyl's reputed beneficial effects as I took my daily dose or Ortho-Mind (300mg of Bacopa.

From AOR research- "But the most exciting of the recent animal studies shows that Bacopa boosts the brains production of the key protective antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), and catalase (CAT). In this, Bacopa is closely paralleling the effects of deprenyl (selegiline), a drug prescribed for Parkinsons disease, which is being taken by many people in the life extension movement because animal studies suggest that it has potent anti-aging effect. Remarkably, however, the effects of Bacopa were shown to be even more broad ranging than those of deprenyl: Bacopa cranked up levels of these enzymes in every tested area of the brain, while deprenyl failed to upregulate these enzymes in the hippocampus."

Read the full story on the Bacopa page above. Wow- What a wonderful choice, a natural substance available non-prescription.

Here is a little more, courtesy of AOR-

"Despite what you might hear, you can't boost levels of SOD or CAT by taking them as preformed supplements: even when taken sublingually, these enzymes are destroyed by other enzymes. One of the few things that can rev up the brain's production of these enzymes is the Parkinsons drug deprenyl (Eldepryl®); this jump in SOD and CAT has been associated in a series of remarkable experiments in mice, rats, hamsters, and dogs with remarkable jumps in lifespan. In the most dramatic of these experiments, deprenyl actually extended the built-in maximum lifespan of lab rats by as much as 24% a feat unprecedented by any other drug or nutrient.

But the results of other studies show that the effect is inconsistent. The success or failure of deprenyl in extending life seems to be closely associated with whether the drug boosts CAT and SOD in these organisms under the conditions of a given study. So it's especially encouraging that the effects of Bacopa on these enzymes were shown to be even more broad-ranging than those of deprenyl, affecting a wider range of areas in the brain, and simultaneously boosting levels of the detoxifying glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) enzyme an effect not seen with deprenyl. "

We offer Bacopa alone, or in Ortho-Mind supplement.


Are You Spending or Investing?

From an earlier comment -

"Yo, pete...just got paid for a job and am dropping another bundle in your direction. Thanks for the discount coupon (Pete note-now expired, from blog post below.)...motivated me to add EGCG MAXto the order with some of my savings. Like what I read on Mito-GOLD and it's definitely a sensual capsule! Everytime I cringe at the cost of all this I remind myself of how many $$$ I've spent on worthless or unhealthy endevours over the course of my life. It helps keep things in perspective. And as I love my work, it's not so bad reinvesting some of this effort into a better future for me personally... "


I am going to let my customers write my blog.