Thursday, May 19, 2005

I Love My Customers (yes you!)

What makes my day fantastic is you, my customers. I really love my customers. I treasure all of you.

In a world of businesses racing to the bottom, and you know what I mean- no smiles, no help, no quality, no style, no class, a crappy attitude on the phone, cheap products, yada yada yada, I set out to build a business with a single goal- be the best.

And today I got some feedback on the value of that goal, and of my success in achieving it so far.

Thank you Florence for your comments. See, Florence has some people in her life that she loves and are special to her that need a little health help. Florence invested the time to research the products necessary to help. She then invested more of her time locating a place to obtain these products. The products she sought varied in their ingredients and their brands. But the common thread was Florence would settle for only the most effective.

Her goal was was aligned with mine, she wanted the best.

Today Florence found a solution to help her loved ones. And me? I got that great feeling that can only come from earning your business.

See you tomorrow!