Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Interesting Times

I had to sit back and chuckle after watching an ad on TV last night. Seems the cognitive enhancement craze has hit the streets, or to be more precise- Walgreens. A certain supplier is pitching a supplement which shall remain nameless (and publicity free) in this blog.

Why bother to mention it? Well it goes to the whole reason of why RelentlessImprovement.com is in business- to supply people with pharmaceutical quality supplements that disclose *in full* what ingredients are in them and in what dosages.

See, the game is played like this, and sadly in the supplement business it is a popular game- Add all kinds of useless ingredients, and pitch the product. Or worse yet, add ingredients to the label that actually have been shown in research to be efficacious, but DO NOT DISCLOSE the dose!

Guess why... the dose is not enough to be effective! You wind up with a product more akin to a multi-vitamin at best, and utterly worthless at worst.

Why do these modern day shysters play this game? Profits of course. Add good ingredients in meaningless dose sizes to pretty the label up and increase profits ten-fold. Claims of synergistic and proprietary formulation mumbo jumbo ring false and are simply a cloak for those that would recognize the sham, if only they were aware of the doses.

What good is acetyl-l-carnitine or r-lipoic acid if they are in microgram doses? Why even bother with alpha-lipoic acid when highly bioavailable R-Lipoic is now available?

Furthermore, if these products have the slightest effectiveness, it is critical to also take antioxidants to mop up the free radicals produced. Nothing like that on the store shelves, that's for sure.

Look at AOR Ortho-Mind to get some idea of a carefully thought out formulation, with ingredients in doses supported by research to be effective. Neuroprotectives, antioxidants and cognitive enhancers. That my friends is a true synergistic combination that you can trust.

All of our products have very, very, detailed ingredient information. We are damn proud of what we offer, and indeed work very hard to find the highest quality suppliers.

Be a smart shopper, demand disclosure, and penalize the shysters by denying them your hard earned dollars.