Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Two Different Customers. 10 Ways to Improve Your Life.

After my post below, I had a thought hanging around the back of my mind but couldn't quite get it to gel. Until last night. You know how it is - you go to bed and ruminate for a few minutes on the day?

Shane made an comment that struck me. Our Customers tend to fall into two groups:

1. Regular customers.
2. One-offs.

I think the main commonality of the regulars is that supplements are a "Lifestyle" for them. They chose to accept that intelligently crafting a regimen and then sticking with it will benefit them.

The one-offs are looking for a quick fix.

We are happy to help the one-offs, but my orientation is helping people achieve long-term results. That doesn't happen with a haphazard approach.

Do yourself a favor. Sit down, grab pencil and paper. Be honest with yourself and examine the life you are living.

Is your foundation in place?

1. Exercise (daily if possible).
2. Sleep (keep a pattern, asleep/awake at the same time).
3. Healthy diet (no sugars, low starches/flours, lots of healthy fats, nuts, fish, fresh veggies or sprouts).

How is your emotional health?

1. Stop obsessing over things you cannot control.
2. Grow by accepting more risks and trying new things. Your fears will melt away.
3. Give yourself options. You always have them, you don't always look for them.
4. Change is inevitable. Embrace and seek it. A weight will come off your shoulders when you do.


1. Do your homework! Reason out a smart plan. If you need help, find someone you can trust. Beware of anonymous internet posters! If you do not know for a fact who is behind that screen name, why would you listen to them?
2. Stick with your plan. Don't flop around with the latest fad. Make changes when the science/research prompts you to. Not your Aunt Mamie.
3. Keep your plan as simple as possible.

Being a careful supplement shopper:

1. Avoid MLM (multi level marketers) like the plague. Their reason for existing is to enrich themselves by inventing fads. I consider them to be parasites.
2. Never, ever, do business with a web site that makes you fill out a form to contact them!
3. Price is not the bottom line. Efficacy, quality and value are.

Hey! You got three freebies. Now that's value added.