Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Opportunities Abound

This is oriented to businesses, but is just as applicable to consumers :-)

There is so much opportunity to improve your life by improving the lives of others. I am convinced the one results from the other.

There is so much opportunity to make something better. Why not take a chance and fix one little thing that bugs you and share it with others?

There is so much opportunity to invent, innovate, design and specialize. Are you making any effort to contribute? Or do you just sit on your ass and share your sense of entitlement to anybody willing to listen?

I think it is a huge problem in business today. Big, bloated, out of touch companies run by people who would run from a Customer if they ever saw one. Ivory Tower Insulation. Or. Plain laziness and a total lack of vision.

It frustrates me because I can see how smoothly things can work, and how well they can be designed. So many opportunities just waiting for someone with the balls and vision to act on them.

Clue: Nobody gives a crap what you did for them yesterday, or what you were the first with or whatever. Yawn. What your Customer cares about is what can you do for them today? How do you add value today? How do you make things faster, better, more intuitive, easier for your fellow man today?

Businesses: Why don't you innovate and improve some part of your Customer purchase experience? Why don't you invest some money in providing more value? Why don't you go dig up incredible products from undiscovered suppliers?

Another company can always undercut you in price, but they would have to invest some creative capitol to offer greater value. Most are too lazy to compete on those terms.

And specialize! Don't try to be everything to everybody. Find a niche and know it better than any other company in the world. Why not specialize in Vitamin C? Or Calcium?

Does the Northern California/Bay Area climate of innovation drive me? I see so many opportunities to do well by doing good. It fuels me every hour of every day, I can't stop thinking of how to give my Customer a better purchase experience. Why does a day have to be only 24 hours?

Does the thought of having your own business intrigue you? Have a business and crave ideas? Simply want to view an incredibly inspiring entrepreneurial perspective? Check this out. Let me know if you enjoy it.