Monday, December 05, 2005

Nifty-Cool Techie Stuff. A Blog in a Page.

I love to push the envelope. As of last Friday we have seamlessly integrated blog software into our "Learn" page on the website.

So who cares, and what is the big deal? Well the learn page will now be more frequently updated, but the really cool thing is that our Customers can post comments to it. If something is not clear, or we missed something, you can let us know!

And - there is a "Search" feature, that as the learn page grows, enables you to easily find articles and posts of interest to you.

Many if not most sites hide behind their web pages. Their contact info is hard to find (or not there at all!). What really gets me are the sites that give you a "contact form" to fill out! Wha? Who reads it? When? How do I know? Why, as a customer would they treat me like some moron off the street and make me fill out a form?

Give 'em the middle finger I say!

Relentless Improvement has always been easy to contact, by phone, email or mail. We want to hear your feedback! How can we meet your needs if we don't listen to you?

Hope you like the changes as we continue to push the value added bar higher and higher. Let me know what you think.