Saturday, December 31, 2005

Antibiotics - Promoting Killer Microbes?

This article in the San Francisco Chronicle today paints a scary picture.

From the article:
"It's a new phenomenon. It's just emerging," said Clifford McDonald, of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. "We're very concerned. We know it's happening, but we're really not sure why it's happening or where this is going."

It may, however, be the latest example of a common, relatively benign bug that has mutated because of the overuse of antibiotics.

In addition, new evidence released last week suggests that the enormous popularity of powerful new heartburn drugs may also be playing a role."

To me, this is indicative of two problems - 1. People demanding that physicians prescribe antibiotics when they are not indicated and 2. Big pharma pushing pills for conditions better treated with lifestyle changes and intelligent supplementation.

Look folks, please get it through your head that antibiotics are not effective on virus infections! Antibiotics do not fight the common cold! Of course if you read my blog, you probably knew this long ago.

Now, I haven't talked about this, but I am a firm believer in pro-biotics. I wasn't always. In fact, not too long ago I considered probiotics to be just hype. Oh was I wrong! For years I suffered with various intestinal discomforts. But that changed a few years ago. I removed nearly all of the sugars from my diet and I started using pro-biotics. The change for the better was astounding.

Intestinal discomforts no longer! My energy and stamina improved markedly. "Head-fog" cleared up.

I have used several different high quality probiotics, some are certainly better than others. I am about to settle in with one product to offer to my Customers on, but will wait until finalized before I mention it. There are so many offerings out there and the decison making process has taken some time.


It is my opinion that probiotics should always be used concurrently with antibiotics to prevent exactly what is going on here - overgrowth and mutation of bad bacteria. Talk to your friends and loved ones about antibiotic abuse and the need for a probiotic therapy. It will make the world a better place.


Friday, December 30, 2005

Users Guide to Brain Boosting Supplements

Just finished a great book/pamphlet titled Brain-Boosting Supplements written by Shari Lieberman and James Gormley. I found it to be quick, concise and to the point.

They recommend the basics: remain mentally and physically active, reduce your sugar intake(!) and take advantage of supplements, especially antioxidants.

B Complex
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
(or just take Ortho-Core or Essential Mix and get all the above plus more)

Alpha-Lipoic Acid (now we know that time-release R-Lipoic is far superior)
Ginkgo(it is important to get the correct extract!)
Or simply use Ortho-Mind which is perfectly formulated to offer you all of these in one money saving product.

Of course healthy Omega-3's are also critical.

I suggest you grab a copy of this book to use as an excellent primer on Cognitive Enhancment.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

How To Fail Or Succeed, As A Business And As A Customer

This piggybacks on a couple of my previous posts.

How to fail:
1. Don't bother determining your unique value proposition to the marketplace.
2. Plan to be the lowest price (woo-hoo!)
3. Put up an amateurish website.
4. Sell the same old, tired crap. (just cheaper! woo-hoo!)
5. Your reason for being in business is to get rich! (woo-hoo!)
6. Believe all suppliers can't wait to sell you product.
7. Have no previous sales experience. (seriously, your business is already dead)
8. Take days and days to ship your orders.
9. Don't bother supplying customers with tracking numbers.
10. Not knowing your products.

How to succeed:
1. Have a successful sales background.
2. Be willing to work 12-14 hours days - every day, every week, every month.
3. Pick a niche (!!) Know it better than any other company.
4. Ally with a few key suppliers.
5. Treat your Customers better than their mothers do.
6. Do some friggin homework and discover some unique products (!)
7. Always be available to your customers.
8. Fire customers that waste your time or haggle on pricing.
9. Turn a profit. Without it, you cannot afford to add value.
10. Add value. The bitterness of poor value lingers long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.

There is one reason to be in business, that is to provide value to your Customers. If you provide value, your business will grow.

Too many business wannabees are in it for themselves. Or they have this sense of entitlement, that the world owes them something. They have already failed, they just don't know it yet.

What you seek is a virtuous circle. You provide value to your customer, you provide value to your suppliers. Your success is the natural result.

So as a customer of a failed (or about to fail) business you might ask - "Who cares? I bought cheap, and the dumbass business went broke. That is their tough luck."

The past year saw several supplement and nootropic websites go down in flames. If I were a customer of one of these failed business, I would now be wondering what became of the personal and financial information I provided to them. You can bet there was no investment in encrypted servers or harddrives.

As a customer, were you dumb enough to email personal financial information to a failed business? Wonder who is now reading that old email? Wonder who is in possession of all that customer database information?

If the closed shop lacked business acumen, did they also lack integrity? What was really in those products you bought? How do you know? If they couldn't run a business, could they intelligently make quality control decisions?

Did they test raw materials? Did they trust supplier Certificates of Analysis? How would they know for example of the Chinese Alpha-Lipoic Acid being passed off as European R-Lipoic Acid by a leading metric ton bulk supplier?

Did they use an analytical lab that frequently offers test results conveniently similar to the manufacturers COA? (Testing labs vary in quality too!) Did they have enough profit built into the sales price to afford testing? Quality testing is very expensive, and even more so if they have to develop a method and/or buy standards.

I am not picking on any business (failed or existing) in particular in this post. The problems are universal to the industry.

Gotta hop, for the past 5 minutes I hope I made you think outside the box. Together we can make the world a better place.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Vitamin D - Cancer Fighter, Go Get Some Sun!

I posted a few months ago about the new research showing beneficial effects of Vitamin D. News out today reinforcing that:

"Prof Cedric Garland, from the University of California in San Diego, and colleagues looked for published research papers since 1966 and 2004 about cancer and vitamin D.

They included 30 investigations of colon cancer, 13 of breast cancer, 26 of prostate cancer and seven of ovarian cancer. Prof Garland said: "A preponderance of evidence, from the best observational studies the medical world has to offer, gathered over 25 years, has led to the conclusion that public health action is needed."

The research suggest 1000 I.U. as considered optimal. If you are using AOR's Essential Mix or its big-brother Ortho-Core (currently sold out), you are are in good shape as they contain 1000 I.U. of Vitamin D.

Get some sun too, and make your own!


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Polymerized R-Lipoic Acid

If you are still using an unstabilized r-lipoic acid, this is what you can expect to happen in your stomach after you ingest it:

Friday, December 23, 2005

A Left-Handed Chiral Bias Across The Universe?

This article is so freaky! I love it.

Did you know that amino acids occur throughout the universe? Furthermore, just like on Earth, they are chiral. Even more surprising (to me at least), they favor left-handedness in their chirality. Just like us humans do!

It is indeed a chiral world, and to ignore that impact on your supplements is to shortchange yourself of potential benefits.

From the article:

"He says the research adds to previous measurements of an excess of left-handed amino acids in two meteorites. "If it is thanks to meteorites that our amino acids are left handed, then the same bias should exist at least across our solar system", he told New Scientist."

"If we identify left-handed amino acids on [a] cometary surface, this would underline the hypothesis that the building blocks of proteins were created in interstellar space and were delivered via comets or micrometeorites to early Earth," he says."

From this Ames Research Center article:

"It turns out that although we think of amino acids as being bio-molecules, they are also found in meteorites."

Is that thought provoking or what?


Thursday, December 22, 2005

AOR - New product Availability

Looks like late Feb for US availability of the new goodies. AGE-Amadori and Ortho-Methyl availability will depend on the FDA.

AOR will have a brand new 3-A-Day multi.

No firm word on Ortho-Core availabiltiy :-(


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Persistance of Neuroplasticity. Nefiracetam, Tacrine (galantamine), Deprenyl.

I am going to be pointing some of my blog posts to the "Learn" page.

The info below comes from an article on my Learn page from the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology.

This is some very heavy reading and offers additional interesting findings about racetams, in this case nefiracetam. I have found nefiracetam to be similar in effect to pramiracetam in many aspects.

Nutshell excerpt:
"Our observations are consistent with the idea that a chronic drug regimen or a complex environment induces a more robust memory pathway that can acquire and consolidate new information more efficiently. "

And they found persistance of benefits:
"moreover, that this benefit remains after drug withdrawal. "


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Opportunities Abound

This is oriented to businesses, but is just as applicable to consumers :-)

There is so much opportunity to improve your life by improving the lives of others. I am convinced the one results from the other.

There is so much opportunity to make something better. Why not take a chance and fix one little thing that bugs you and share it with others?

There is so much opportunity to invent, innovate, design and specialize. Are you making any effort to contribute? Or do you just sit on your ass and share your sense of entitlement to anybody willing to listen?

I think it is a huge problem in business today. Big, bloated, out of touch companies run by people who would run from a Customer if they ever saw one. Ivory Tower Insulation. Or. Plain laziness and a total lack of vision.

It frustrates me because I can see how smoothly things can work, and how well they can be designed. So many opportunities just waiting for someone with the balls and vision to act on them.

Clue: Nobody gives a crap what you did for them yesterday, or what you were the first with or whatever. Yawn. What your Customer cares about is what can you do for them today? How do you add value today? How do you make things faster, better, more intuitive, easier for your fellow man today?

Businesses: Why don't you innovate and improve some part of your Customer purchase experience? Why don't you invest some money in providing more value? Why don't you go dig up incredible products from undiscovered suppliers?

Another company can always undercut you in price, but they would have to invest some creative capitol to offer greater value. Most are too lazy to compete on those terms.

And specialize! Don't try to be everything to everybody. Find a niche and know it better than any other company in the world. Why not specialize in Vitamin C? Or Calcium?

Does the Northern California/Bay Area climate of innovation drive me? I see so many opportunities to do well by doing good. It fuels me every hour of every day, I can't stop thinking of how to give my Customer a better purchase experience. Why does a day have to be only 24 hours?

Does the thought of having your own business intrigue you? Have a business and crave ideas? Simply want to view an incredibly inspiring entrepreneurial perspective? Check this out. Let me know if you enjoy it.


Google - Powered by ... Flaxseed?

Would I lie?

"Page and Brin experimented with numerous avian motivators before settling on a combination of linseed and flax (lin/ax) that not only offered superior performance, but could be gathered at no cost from nearby open space preserves. This open space lin/ax powers Google's operations to this day"

It is all in this informative article on the Google site.

New Product Addition

Did the smart-drugs make you too smart? Want to bring yourself back down a bit? We have just the thing ...

Yes, it is a real product, no we are not really adding it.

Cheers and a Wink-

Two Different Customers. 10 Ways to Improve Your Life.

After my post below, I had a thought hanging around the back of my mind but couldn't quite get it to gel. Until last night. You know how it is - you go to bed and ruminate for a few minutes on the day?

Shane made an comment that struck me. Our Customers tend to fall into two groups:

1. Regular customers.
2. One-offs.

I think the main commonality of the regulars is that supplements are a "Lifestyle" for them. They chose to accept that intelligently crafting a regimen and then sticking with it will benefit them.

The one-offs are looking for a quick fix.

We are happy to help the one-offs, but my orientation is helping people achieve long-term results. That doesn't happen with a haphazard approach.

Do yourself a favor. Sit down, grab pencil and paper. Be honest with yourself and examine the life you are living.

Is your foundation in place?

1. Exercise (daily if possible).
2. Sleep (keep a pattern, asleep/awake at the same time).
3. Healthy diet (no sugars, low starches/flours, lots of healthy fats, nuts, fish, fresh veggies or sprouts).

How is your emotional health?

1. Stop obsessing over things you cannot control.
2. Grow by accepting more risks and trying new things. Your fears will melt away.
3. Give yourself options. You always have them, you don't always look for them.
4. Change is inevitable. Embrace and seek it. A weight will come off your shoulders when you do.


1. Do your homework! Reason out a smart plan. If you need help, find someone you can trust. Beware of anonymous internet posters! If you do not know for a fact who is behind that screen name, why would you listen to them?
2. Stick with your plan. Don't flop around with the latest fad. Make changes when the science/research prompts you to. Not your Aunt Mamie.
3. Keep your plan as simple as possible.

Being a careful supplement shopper:

1. Avoid MLM (multi level marketers) like the plague. Their reason for existing is to enrich themselves by inventing fads. I consider them to be parasites.
2. Never, ever, do business with a web site that makes you fill out a form to contact them!
3. Price is not the bottom line. Efficacy, quality and value are.

Hey! You got three freebies. Now that's value added.


Monday, December 19, 2005

Customer Feedback and ... A Plan For The Future

"First off, let me say how truly excited I am to have happened upon your website. Not only do you offer high-quality products, but I really appreciate the thorough descriptions (including dosages, ingredients, etc.) of each product. And I have to tell you, the blog is a super idea: knowing that the owner is a true user of the products -- and being very knowledgeable certainly lends much credibility to the site.

It's just nice to actually deal with people who have a true passion for this lifestyle and who don't pride themselves in screwing people over by offering crap products that are masked as the greatest thing on Earth."

Thanks Shane! (though way late in posting this)

We will never try to be everything to everybody. Plenty of businesses doing that already. We also plan to sit out the "race to the bottom", a going out of business strategy that certain customers are happy to accelerate.

You have given us wonderful feedback this year and we have listened to you. 2006 holds good suprises as we continue to grow the business. Do you care about quality, innovation, value? If so, stick around :-) The next 6 weeks will be very interesting!


Friday, December 16, 2005

A4M - Sugar - Xylitol

I just remembered- the sugar "problem" had near unanimous agreement from the physicians at A4M last weekend. It's a killer. In so many ways. But you and me have a sweet tooth right? What do we put in our beverage of choice?


Nearly every anti-aging doctor we talked to used xylitol. Do a Google. The American Dental Association actually endorses xyitol as a cavity fighter. Xylitol is great great for those prone to yeast or candida overgrowth. It makes a great nasal wash!

I have used xylitol personally for years, and swear by it. Your local store carries it, so give it a try and change your life.


Penn State U. - DNA Mutation Accounts for White Skin.

I found this article fascinating from the standpoint of how the tinest of mutations can result in amazing downstream results.

A couple quotes from the research:

"The work raises a raft of new questions -- not least of which is why white skin caught on so thoroughly in northern climes once it arose. Some scientists suggest that lighter skin offered a strong survival advantage for people who migrated out of Africa by boosting their levels of bone-strengthening vitamin D ... "

"Unlike most mutations, this one quickly overwhelmed its ancestral version, at least in Europe, suggesting it had a real benefit. Many scientists suspect that benefit has to do with vitamin D, made in the body with the help of sunlight and critical to proper bone development."


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mera Pharmaceuticals Asta Factor Astaxanthin Article

I dug up an awesome review on our Salmon Essentials Asta Factor astaxanthin supplement but I can't give the author attribution becasue he didn't sign the review! With that aside, it is a very informative write-up and worthy of your time.

If you like what you read, we stock this product for immediate shipping at this link. I use it myself as I believe fish oils are the foundation of a smart supplement program. I add the 10mg Asta Factor capsules for additional astaxanthin.

Here are a couple quotes:
"Salmon Essentials nutritional supplement is actually good medicine. If it could be patented and sold as a prescription drug, it would probably be one of the most popular and exciting prescription drugs released on the market in years. The essential fatty acids in this product can lower total triglycerides, lower high cholesterol, reduce the buildup of plaque or atherosclerosis, and dramatically reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. The innate effects of its naturally-occurring oil essentially give you healthier blood and a healthier cardiovascular system. This is the kind of oil that we, as humans, are supposed to eat, so it's no surprise that it has positive medicinal effects on the human body. "

"Astaxanthin does everything that antioxidants do in the human body, boosting immune system function and protecting against cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases, infectious diseases, and so on. Moreover, this particular potent antioxidant can cross the blood-brain barrier, so astaxanthin also protects against eye damage due to solar radiation. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and are not protecting your eyes with UV-filtering glasses, this supplement can greatly enhance your internal protection against sunlight damage to the eyes. As a result, it can protect your vision and even help prevent macular degeneration. "


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

R-PLUS and Carnitine Plus are in Stock. Quality Issues.

I may have confusingly worded a previous post. I still have R-PLUS and Carnitine Plus in stock and available for immediate shipping.

We sold out of what we brought to the show.

Did I mention? Carnitine Plus hits me like an espresso when used at 4 caps per day. I actually backed off because I was getting too stimulated. The orotate transport must be doing what it is supposed to do: get a lot more into the cell.

If you look at the pricing, Carnitine Plus, both 60 count and 120 count is priced embarassingly low for what you get. Every physician at the show said "wow" after reading the label and hearing the price.

After talking with a Customer this morning, I am reminded to tell you that acetyl-l-carnitine supplements run a hugh range of purity and contamination! The pharmaceutical grade from Italy is quite expensive, the Chinese product is very reasonably priced. BUT- quality is a big problem.

China right now has pharmaceutical grade manufacturing, and at the other end of the spectrum, absolute crap of terrible purity and with heavy metal contamination.

GeroNova Research provided us great value by subjecting Chinese sourced raw materials to testing before bottling. I will get COA's posted to all their products later this week.

Here are the 3rd party testing results:
Doesn't it give you peace of mind to know that the ingredients have been tested for purity and heavy metals?

Grab it and growl!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ortho Core is Sold Out For a While

As I posted previously, we have sold out of Advanced Orthomolecular Research's Ortho-Core and do not have a firm date of when it will be back in stock.

I will let you know here in the blog when a new shipment is coming.

Ortho-Core is an advanced combination of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and transformational conjugates formulated to support long, healthy lives. There is nothing on the market that comes close to its superior combination of ingredients. The retail price is embarassingly low.


Buck Institute Chooses GeroNova Research Lipoic Acids for Anti-Aging Research

The renowned Buck Institute for Age Research has sourced each version of lipoic (R, R-DiHydro, S, Alpha) from GeroNova Research to use in studies they are about to conduct in animals. This is further testament to the pharmaceutical grade products that GeroNova Research manufactures.

The Buck Institute is associated with the National Institute of Medicine and governed by a non-compensated board of trustees.

How good does it make you feel to know you too are taking GeroNova Research products?


American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine - Report from the show.

I will update this post later with details. A last minute opportunity arose to attend A4M courtesy of GeroNova Research this past Sat/Sun/Mon. It was a real blast and quite an educational opportunity. A huge thank-you to the GeroNova folks for the invite.

I will share lots of good stuff, so be sure to check back. Oh yeah - stabilized, time-release r-lipoic was a huge hit with the physicians, we sold out of nearly all the product we brought with us and wrote a lot of orders every day.


The show was well attended and quite busy, we were kept hopping pretty much the whole time. Lots of gadgets being offered for sale, as well as supplements, cosmeceuticals (many fortified with spin traps such as PBN and NtBHA), foods, drinks, massage chairs and other fun stuff.

While I didn't have time to attend the presentations, I was able to chat with a number of physicians, most of whom specialized in anti-aging medicine. It was interesting to bounce ideas off them regarding supplementation programs, and I was pleased to see my present list of supplements usually matched what they themselves were using.

It was generally agreed that you cannot take too much high-quality fish oil. Seemed to be reinforced as the foundation for any intelligently crafted supplementation program.

Dr. Ron Rothenberg is a pioneer and highly respected anti-aging specialist and spent nearly an hour chatting with us at the booth. I was able to pepper him with questions, and he cheerfully offered his thoughts.

HgH therapy was a huge topic, and let me say there is also a great deal of controversy on it's use. Personally, I wouldn't touch the injectable stuff until more is known.


Customer Feedback

This is the fuel thats keeps us pushing to do even better. Thanks.

"I just wanted to let you know that USPS delivered my order today.

Thanks again for your great customer service. I've been a longtime customer of Nutrition Express, 1fast400, VitaCost, etc... and the quality products and service you offer tops them all!"

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Spice is Nice, Coffee is a Nootropic.

A Customer shared a couple of great links, perhaps you will enjoy these too. Thanks Rick!

Penzeys Spices - A great selection of spices.

Sweet Maria's - Home coffee roasting supplies. Ummmmm. I love coffee but never considered roasting my own. This site is chock full of information and quality products.

Sweet Maria's is only a 30 minute drive from Relentless Improvement, I may have to pay them a personal visit and give you a personal report :-)

Seems research is showing that spices and coffee have health benefits, so why not please your palate and help your health at the same time?


Monday, December 05, 2005

Nifty-Cool Techie Stuff. A Blog in a Page.

I love to push the envelope. As of last Friday we have seamlessly integrated blog software into our "Learn" page on the website.

So who cares, and what is the big deal? Well the learn page will now be more frequently updated, but the really cool thing is that our Customers can post comments to it. If something is not clear, or we missed something, you can let us know!

And - there is a "Search" feature, that as the learn page grows, enables you to easily find articles and posts of interest to you.

Many if not most sites hide behind their web pages. Their contact info is hard to find (or not there at all!). What really gets me are the sites that give you a "contact form" to fill out! Wha? Who reads it? When? How do I know? Why, as a customer would they treat me like some moron off the street and make me fill out a form?

Give 'em the middle finger I say!

Relentless Improvement has always been easy to contact, by phone, email or mail. We want to hear your feedback! How can we meet your needs if we don't listen to you?

Hope you like the changes as we continue to push the value added bar higher and higher. Let me know what you think.


R-PLUS R-Lipoic Shortage. R-Dihydrolipoic Acid Comment

Heads-up. Higher than expected sales volume compounded by a raw materials shortage is going to result in R-PLUS being sold out shortly.

A large batch of R-Dihydrolipoic acid that is a component of the R-PLUS was destroyed during synthesis and it may be two months before more is available. This substance is very difficult and time-consuming to make.

I was able to act quickly and secure the last cases of R-PLUS that GeroNova had available.

Speaking of R-Dihydrolipoic Acid, or DHLA as it is abbreviated, beware of non-GeroNova products containing or claiming to contain it. It you are using a 100% DHLA product, many smart people now think when used by itself it can actually tip you into a pro-oxidative state. Not good at all.

To make matters worse, because it is so hard to synthesize DHLA in the lab, some bulk suppliers are selling a sub-standard product. How will you know? It smells awful. I mean like cat urine. Tom-Cat urine. You will burp a disgusting taste.

Top quality GeroNova capsules if opened will have a distinctive chemical taste and odor, that while not yummy and delicious, is not disgusting.


Consumer Lab Testing - What is NOT in your Supplement?

I subscribe to Consumer Lab, a source for independent testing results of many companies products. They publish a great newsetter that you should subscribe to.

This month they revealed some interesting results:

Jarrow Gingko Biloba 60mg lacked the active compounds and received a Not Approved.
Life Enhancement' s Huperzine-A contained NO Huperzine-A and (obviously) received a Not Approved.

They reconfirmed our view that the latest research on soy derived phosphatidylserine (PS) shows no efficacy in humans. Previous postive results came from bovine derived PS.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing several new products under the Relentless Improvement brand name, and again, before bottling the raw materials will be tested by an independant 3rd party lab for purity.

It is hard to be a careful consumer. We will do our best to help you navigate. Thanks for your trust!


Smart Drugs, Nootropics

One of's Customers, Kristen, was kind enough to share an awesome article from Scientific American with me this morning. Thanks Kristen!

If you would enjoy a fairly deep exploration of the future of intelligence enhancement, and some of the philosophical and ethical issues surrounding it, you should click the link above.

My favorite is the very last paragraph:

"Whatever happens, we can be sure that cognitive enhancement drugs will be developed and that they will be used and misused. But just as most people do not choose to alter their mood with Prozac and just as we all reorient our lives in the face of unending opportunities to change our sense of normal, our society will absorb new memory drugs according to each individual's underlying philosophy and sense of self. Self-regulation will occur. The few people who desire altered states will find the means, and those who do not want to alter their sense of who they are will ignore the drug potions. The government should stay out of it, letting our own ethical and moral sense guide us through the new enhancement landscape."


Friday, December 02, 2005

AOR Ortho-Core Availability

There is no more in Canada. There is no more in the USA. We have some stock left. Demand for Ortho-Core has far outstripped supply, and I have confirmed with AOR that we cannot get more until late January at best.

We will note the product on the Relentless Improvement website as "Sold-out" after we exhaust our limited supplies.

Ortho Core is the most advanced, balanced, and comprehensive core nutritional supplement available. Ortho Core is formulated with a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients whose role in supporting optimal health is backed by scientific research.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

R-Lipoic Acid Customer Comments, Rejuv Sale.

"My husband told me this AM that he can really notice an increase in his energy in the last week or so. The only thing he is doing differently is taking the Mito- Gold & RALA gel. YAHOO !!

PS- It is such a pleasure doing business with you!


Another happy, time-release, r-lipoic Customer. Are you using a lipoic that is not GeroNova time-release? Or, worse, Alpha-lipoic acid? (shudder). Come on Luddite, get with the program. All it takes is one try and you will never go back to the dark ages.

RALA-Gel 60 count
RALA-Gel 120 count

RALA-Gel (100mg) for tight budgets and/or boosting total r-lipoic acid intake.

R-PLUS (150mg) for a higher ratio of r-dihydrolipoic acid, and a higher overall dose.

Mito-GOLD is exactly the same as R-PLUS but adds DeltaGOLD D-Tocotrienol for triglyceride lowering and beneficial cholesterol effects, boosts endogenous CoQ10 production (help your cells produce their own CoQ10)

Holiday Special! REJUV Alpha-lipoic Acid skin cream is ON SALE for Dec only. Regular $46.95, special $41.95. Relentless Improvement has offered a variety of creams, but Rejuv is hands down the best so we discontinued all the others.

The sale pricing creates a great opportunity to give Rejuv as a gift. The (very)light chamomille fragrance is nice on men and women. Soothing after shaving. Works really well to smooth the skin and lessen fine lines. Your weapon against Old Man Winter.