Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Supplements for Lower HS-CRP and Homocysteine.

After yesterdays post, I woke up this morning really looking forward to writing this follow-up. In fact, I've decided to make a series of posts this week as I also want to share my daily diet (what I eat) with you too.

How exciting to have "proof" of a supplement program producing a quantifiable effect on your health.

Furthermore, this documents that not only am I not damaging my liver (as some claim), but indeed, all measurements were ideal! Ha!

From your research, you know having low High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (HS-CRP) and Homocysteine levels in your body is a very good thing.

You know too how important a good lipid profile is: low cholesterol, low triglycerides.

However, if you use garbage supplements from suppliers of unknown integrity, you do risk your health, in more ways than one. The key, and let me emphasize this because I am convinced, the key is using a well-thought out supplement combination, from proven suppliers.

If you buy some junk for $2.95, expect that you will get exactly what you pay for. Being in the business, I assure you that quality does not come cheap. Research, testing, pharmaceutical/premium quality raw materials, cGMP handling and maintaining fresh contents is expensive. But it must happen if we are to obtain the benefits we seek.

To those that would argue, my opinion is that Darwin's theories will be the ultimate arbiter :-) See you on the other side later rather than sooner brother!

Your challenge: Stop thinking of supplementation as an expense and instead think of it as an investment that pay dividends forever.

Enough jibber-jabber: Subject to change at any moment, here is what I have been using with hyperlinks to the product pages for more info. Listed in order of my opinion of their beneficial effects, and how I feel after using them. If you are on a budget you can add to your "stack" as funds allow.

Pete's Proven Mix (my daily dose in parenthesis):
  • AOR's Ortho-Core -Foundational Multi. Priced embarrassingly low for what you get. (9 capsules)

  • GeroNova's Mito-GOLD MCT time-release R lipoic acid. A combo of r-lipoic/R-dihydro lipoic acid and delta-tocotrienol. I give this product credit for much of my positive lab results. (2 capsules)

  • Either of GeroNova's other two MCT time-release r-lipoics, RALA-Gel or R-PLUS (2 capsules). Let me be blunt- if you are not currently using a stable, time-release lipoic, you are pissing away your money. Please take a moment to educate yourself. GeroNova Research is currently the only manufacturer in the world to make such a product. I use 600mg r-lipoic daily, split between Mito-GOLD and R-PLUS.

  • Acetyl-l-Carnitine. The ALCAR/lipoic combination is what had Ames'es old rats "Doing the Macarena". If you are not getting ALCAR in a cognitive combo formula (below) then you must add it separately. I am now using GeroNova's ALCAR/Carnitine Orotate (4 capsules) combination which is quite cost effective. The innovative orotate cellular transport for the carnitine should offer superior bioavailability.

  • A pure, Pharmaceutical Quality Fish Oil. I have been using LEF's EPA/DHA but am switching to Mera Pharmaceuticals SalmonEssentials with astaxanthin when our initial inventory arrives next week. (4 softgels)

  • RelentlessImprovement's Tested Pure Piracetam and Resveratrol. Zero toxicity in humans, evidence for neuroprotective action. Subtle and subjective, awesome for "waking up the brain"- cognition, speech, music, creativity. No other USA supplier tests and documents as throughly as we do for total purity and safety.

  • Any cognitive enhancement product that we offer. Ortho-Mind is superb, Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer is great, Cognitex are wonderful. So far, I have used all but the Get Smart. All are good choices.

There you go, quite simple, and you can easily design a package for any budget. Consider giving up the $4.00 daily sugar-laden Starbucks and $3.00 white-flour and sugar dessert and invest that money in something good for you.

I also have an idea that could revolutionize the supplement business, rewarding the Customer (and us) based on proven performance. Stay tuned, it's all good.