Wednesday, November 02, 2005

R-Lipoic Acid Still on Sale

For those of you that did not catch my post from last week, the Mito-Gold and RALA-Gel are still on sale. We have never put them on sale before, and may never again. If you have benn on the fence and wanted to try a bottle, or stock up for your regular use, this is your chance.

Mito-GOLD here ($59.95 for 1-2, $54.95 for 3 or more) and RALA-Gel here ($29.95 regardless of quantity-wow).

Remember Ames's Macarana dancing mice? Pair these premium time release lipoics with GeroNova's new Carnitine Plus™ ALCAR/Carnitine orotate. You save by having Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Carnitine in the same capsule. You get higher bioavailability because this product employs a revolutionary orotate transport.