Monday, November 07, 2005

Mera Pharmaceuticals AstaFactor Astaxanthin

Available early next week: AstaFactor Astaxanthin.

Did you see the profile of this company on "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel? They offer a Salmon Oil and Astaxanthin product, "SalmonEssentials", a pure AstaFactor "Rejuvenation" product and the mega-dose AstaFactor "Sports Formula" with a huge 10mg of pure Astaxanthin content.

What is the big deal? Super potent antioxidant, and you know how important antioxidants like astaxanthin are for healthy cells and anti-aging at the mitochondrial level. Furthermore, astaxanthin is superb for reducing inflammation and would be an incredible used in combination with a time-release r-lipoic acid like R-PLUS R-Lipoic Acid.

We are only able to obtain a very limited quantity, and I am grabbing 4 of the Salmon Essentials for myself. Expect the SalmonEssentials (3 softgels = 4 mg of astaxanthin) and AstaFactor Sports Formula (2 softgels = 5mg of astaxanthin) to start shipping approx next Tuesday (Nov 15th). If you want some, preorder now to lock in your availability as succeeding shipments are weeks away.

The AstaFactor Rejuvenating Formula is at least 4 weeks away from shipping, so you can preorder if you like, but you have a much longer wait.

Wow, imagine a pure, clean salmon oil combined with astaxanthin. You have heard how good salmon is for you. The latest issue of Life Extension Foundation magazine has an article by renowned Dr. Nicholous Perricone espousing the virtues of astaxanthin and he rates it number one of his top supplement recommendations!

Mera Pharmaceuticals, our supplier partner, provides the only pharmaceutical quality astaxanthin, don't waste your money on the crap selling for $6-$15 a bottle. We are looking out for you- we already offer you easy quantity discounts for those wishing to stock-up and save money.

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