Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pyridoxamine- The Saga Continues!

The FDA is allowing a period of public comment, until Dec 19, regarding BioStratum's petition to have pyridoxamine declared "an adulterated substance' and by extension, illegal to be sold by retailers.

Here is the FDA link.

At the present moment, the FDA has stated pyridoxamine as illegal to be sold as a supplement:

"Based on the facts set forth in the petition, the agency
tentatively concludes that pyridoxamine, the active moiety\1\ of
pyridoxamine dihydrochloride, is excluded from the dietary supplement
definition under the exclusion clause in 21 U.S.C. 321(ff)(3)(B)(ii)
and therefore may not be marketed as or in a dietary supplement. "

My interpretation is that if you can prove that you sold pyridoxamine, as a supplement previous to BioStratums patent application, the FDA might be inclined to reverse their position. But I am certainly not a lawyer.

The is a link to make your comment included at the link above.


Hey! It's a New Name

Given that I like to write about things other than anti-aging supplements, I have decided to retire the original name of this blog-"The Anti-Aging Supplement News" and rename it "Pete's Place".

Now I won't be riddled with guilt when I choose to stray wildly off "topic", because there is no topic!

Monday, November 28, 2005

EGCG and Alzheimers. Reduction of Beta-Amyloid Plaques

"This finding suggests that green tea extract selectively concentrating EGCG would be needed to override the counteractive effect of other flavinoids found in green tea," said study co-author Doug Shytle, PhD. "A new generation of dietary supplements containing pure EGCG may lead to the greatest benefit for treating Alzheimer's disease." (emphasis mine)

I wanted to reiterate this information from the University of South Florida study on pure EGCG extract and Alzheimers because of its impact on so many people. If you are involved with someone suffering from Alzheimers, you owe it to them and you to be well informed about this breakthrough.

Another quote from the researchers:

"Green tea contains many antioxidants, including those known as flavonoids that can protect against free radical damage to the brain. However, Dr. Tan and colleagues demonstrated that other flavinoids in green tea actually oppose naturally-occurring EGCG's ability to prevent the harmful build-up of beta-amyloid. Thus, Dr. Tan said, drinking green tea alone would not likely have a beneficial effect through the same mechanism that EGCG works." (emphasis mine)

Once again, the healthful benefits of a pure and specific substance are documented. Pure EGcG extract from Advanced Orthomolecular Research is a potent multi-catechin extract for greatest beneficial effects.

Why would you want to compromise on quality with any other product?


Saturday, November 26, 2005

EGCG and CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia)

I love to get these emails:

"I spoke with you in the past regarding my interest in EGCG because my Mother has CLL. My Mother has been taking four capsules of EGCG Max for approximately three months and today she saw the hematologist and her WBC count decreased approximately 24%.

Prior to this my Mother's WBC had doubled in approximately ten months (her WBC went from approximately 32,000 to 65,000). I am so grateful for the great news! The hematologist told us that with this disease WBC will fluctuate BUT my Mother's WBC were on the rise for ten months prior to beginning the EGCG Max. The hematologist encouraged my Mother to continue taking EGCG and she most definitely will do so.

NY, NY."

Use what the research studies use, a pure EGCG extract. Only EGCG MAX offers a multi-catechin complex for additional synergistic action. You get exactly what you pay for with this product.


Strontium Ranelate and Strontium Citrate. The Same Bone Builder.

He is an article that illustrates how big pharma tries to control what products are available to you.

Strontium Is Strontium

We offer the Strontium supplement to our Customers who seek a bone-builder.

It is a constant battle to keep potent, effective products freely available. Pyridoxamine is another great example of a pharma company trying to keep a naturally occuring vitamin from the public.

Relentless Improvement will keep you on the cutting edge of effective products.


K-RALA and R-Lipoic. You Say Potato, I Say Whaaa?

The internet- a wonderful medium to exchange information, and a wonderful medium for people who have no clue as to what they are talking about.

If for some bizarre reason you are under the impression that R-Lipoic Acid comes from potatoes- it does not. Like many urban legends, there was a seed from which this probably started:

Lipoic acid was found to be part of a potato growth medium before it was ever isolated, when it was discovered that is was the "X" (unknown) factor essential for metabolic function. It was never isolated or synthesized from potatoes, the first isolation in the 1950's was actually from liver, but that extraction was never done again, due the amount of liver that was necessary to extract a only tiny amount.

All lipoic acid is made synthetically in a laboratory and has nothing whatsoever to do with potatoes.

Ok? Ok!


Friday, November 25, 2005

45% of Americans Distrust Supplement Health Claims

Ha! I agree with them! In fact, that is why I started this business in the first place. To make an effort to separate the good stuff from the snake oil. And there are some very effective products out there (My blood tests prove it).

It is hard, very hard to ferret out the top-quality suppliers. I think we have earned a grade of "B" so far and are taking steps to raise that to a "B+" over the next few months. We have more things going on in the background that will further raise the bar in the nutriceutical business, and will be making some changes to our supplier line-up.

For those wondering, yes Relentless Improvement offers Premium-Quality Nutriceuticals, spelled with an "i". That's how we spell it.

A quote from this press release:

"Europe's Young Adults consume 36% more nutraceuticals than an average consumer, and even in the US the figure is as high as 28%. Despite stereotypes about Europeans being particularly distrustful of business, 45% of Americans say that they largely or entirely disbelieve food and drink manufacturers health claims, a similar figure to France and far more than in the Netherlands."

The hypesters and BS artists are rampant, and you are right to employ "buyer beware" approach. Shop for products from the highest quality suppliers, backed up with cited research.


Free book- The First immortal

Bruce Klein, the fine gentleman that heads up Immortality Institute sent me a care package this week. In it is a copy of "The First Immortal", which is a heck of a good read, and will make you rethink (or just think) about the issue of living longer.

Email me and I will priority mail you a fresh copy at no charge.

Oh- and go poke around ImmInst. You might just find yourself quite captivated. If you like what you see, sign-up and support the cause!

Happy holidays!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Mito-GOLD R-Lipoic Acid Going Off Sale

Mito-GOLD is going off sale in 9 days. One each $59.95, 3 or more only $54.95 each. If you want to buy some, place your order now.

Don't snooze and loose.


Friday, November 18, 2005

AstaFactor Astaxanthin. What makes an Algae Get Mad and Turn Red?

This is going out to our subscribed customer base in a few minutes. Did you sign up for our "newletter"? If not, you can do so by clicking here.

(Remember, when you make a purchase from our site we make you "opt-in" rather than making you "opt-out" like 99% of other ecommerce sites. Another way for us to show that we respect you and earn your trust.)

I thought you might enjoy watching one of our products being manufactured. Have you seen the "Dirty Jobs" show on The Discovery Channel? Well, our manufacturer of astaxanthin (Mera Pharmaceuticals) is featured on one of this show's three segments- watch it this Saturday the 19th, or next Friday the 25th.
They grow the algae, stress it so that it produces astaxanthin, then harvest and process it to obtain the AstaFactor that goes into our Salmon Essentials, Sports Formula and the (sold out)Rejuvenation Formula.

Here is a link directly to the products on our site: Astaxanthin

Lots of info on the product pages as you have come to expect from us.

Astaxanthin is a very safe and potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. Furthermore, before years end, we expect to have the results of a double-blind, randomized controlled human study of astaxanthin's ability to reduce C-Reactive Protein (CRP) levels which is an indicator of cardiac risk.

I hope you found this fun and useful, thanks for your trust and business.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Healthy Diet- Rest of the Day

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day, see my previous post for some ideas.

These next ideas are good for lunch or dinner.

Lunch can be bad for many of us. Pastas, breads, sugary drinks all lead to the dreaded afternoon "sleepies". You know what I mean- DROWSY! If after lunch all you want is a nap, you need to carefully and honestly consider your diet.

Go for a salad with some meat as a protein source. Or, a meat with no buns or bread. I love BBQ pork, and with coleslaw, it makes a very satisfying meal. You already know how I feel about sprouts. Want to try an experiment? Eat a big fistfull of sprouts with a tomato, or cucumber, or even half an avocado for lunch.

I will bet you never got the sleepies!

And please, avoid the sugared drinks- tea or, yech, a cola drink! Same with fruit juices, sugar is sugar. Orange and apple juice are popular offenders. My dentist used to love her patients that had their kids drink apple juice or eat raisins (dried grapes) because they were her best source of business! (cavities and rotten teeth).

For some reason people fight this concept of fruit juices being bad for you, and all I can say is- tune out the marketers message and quit deluding yourself.

I happen to agree with Dr. Mercola and Dr. Perricone about fish and especially salmon. The oils fish contain and the easily digestible protein add up to a healthy meal. Your challenge is finding wild salmon. Farm raised suffer from all kinds of issues- fed antibiotics, coloring agents, raised in unclean pens, and raised on unnatural food pellets.

Ugh- no thanks.

The problem for many of us is that wild raised and caught salmon can be expensive, so we have to be careful shoppers. Go for the King Salmon when you can, it has the best flesh texture and taste in my opinion. Baked/broiled are fast and easy. A little salt and pepper, with a squeeze of lemon and you are good to go.

You know too, I am a huge fan or raw milk. If you are in California you can buy it in certain stores. If you live in other states you can buy it from Organic Pastures, shipped frozen, or join a local "cow-share" program. If super-market milk causes you to be lactose intolerant or have excess mucus secretion, I urge you to spend the buck$ and try raw milk, raw butter and raw cheese. You will never go back.

More later this week.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Healthy Diet- Some Ideas for Breakfast

I posted a few months ago about one place I buy food from- Bob's Red Mill.

Healthy diet is certainly critical to having a healthy body. Some things I eat regularly are:

Breakfast- Buckwheat groats (cooked), chopped walnuts, ground flax seed, cinnamon, sugar free acai, blueberries and a bit of Organic Pastures raw milk. All mixed together (!) Yummy and healthy.


Celery stalks smeared in the hollow with a nut butter. (NOT peanut butter! Peanuts are legumes, NOT nuts, and tend to be loaded with fertilizers, pesticides and be genetically modified.)


Chicken Eggs, Omega-3 fortified from seaweed/flax seed fed free-range chickens. Either hard boiled or scrambled in butter. Raw butter from Organic Patures Dairies in California.

I drink coffee, about 3 cups a day and choose an organic, fair trade blend from Trader Joe's. Some claim coffee is bad for you but I have yet to see a conclusive study. There is some evidence it may actually be good for you.

Posts on lunch and dinner ideas later in the week.

To your health!

Lab Tests- Check 'em Out. Regimen Change

Somebody suggested I actually post my lab test results. After some though, why not? If you want to see em just click here.

Wonder how many other supplement suppliers use their own products and would be willing to put facts where their hype is :-)

PS- Since the blood work I have made a change to my supplement regimen- removed the LEF EPA/DHA (which is a fine product) and replaced it with our new Salmon Essentials and Asta Factor Sports Formula with Astaxanthin.

This allows me to use wonderfully healthy salmon oil fortified with astaxanthin, and in order to gain more astaxanthin, the addition of the Sports Formula.


Saturday, November 12, 2005


Longer post next week on diet, so sorry, covered over with good things here.

Go to the Embarcadero Farmers Market at the Ferry Building on Saturday and see Jim's booth in the back section for the best sprouts on earth. He offers a large variety, all grown without soil (!) and he fills your bag fresh from the growing tray.

Sprouts are oh so healthy for you and have a large variety of flavors, but all are crunchy and tasty. Tell Jim I said I sent you, he is one heck of a nice guy and loves his business.

Ask him for a shot of fresh Barley Grass or Wheat Grass juice for an instant boost.

The bad news- there is no easy way to ship this product. It could be cold-packed but that makes S&H cost as much as the product.

Don't live in the San Francisco area? Find a local farmers market and see if you can find them there.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

Diet Post and a Quick Rant

Totally covered over today- sorry! :-(

Promise to write the diet post tomorrow!

Today the FDA and FTC acted to protect you from some shysters.

I hope the FDA acts on another new style of even worse crooks- web sites popping up purporting to "review" supplements and then they "pick the best" and provide you a convenient buy button to purchase the product. What a crock of crap, as these filthy thieves are trying to fake you into making an informed buying decision.

Buyer beware my friends. If the site you are dealing with feels slimy or "slick", just back away, and save your hard-earned money.


4 RALA-Gel left at Sale Pricing

Buy now, or cry later.

RALA-Gel softgels 100mg MCT time release r-lipoic acid. UPDATE- they are gone, and so is the sale pricing.

However the good news is that the new formula RALA-Gel is now available for shipping. Still 100mg lipoic per capsule, but now composed of a mix of 66mg R-lipoic acid and 34 mg R-dihydrolipoic acid. Still a 60 capsule bottle and now a new 120 capsule bottle available for $avings.

Grab 'em and growl!


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Homocysteine, C-Reactive Protein, Triglycerides and Supplementation. My Proof

As is evidenced in my posts, I use supplements. With two exceptions (spin traps), I sell what I use. I have a pretty consistent regimen that I stick with on a daily basis. As a 44 year old man, I become more cognizant of my physical and mental health as every year passes.

Regarding supplements, you might have mixed emotions on what works (for what) and what does not. "I feel better" is pretty subjective, but blood work does not lie.

I feel great, but wanted to see quantifiable evidence of what I was doing to my body. Good, or bad.

My physician, Dr. Rowell, expressed a high degree of skepticism as I asked for testing to document any benefits from my diet and supplement use. I didn't blame him a bit as the supplement business is rich with hype and poor with proof.

I went to pick up the test results today which were supposed to be simply handed over to me, but instead I was asked to take a seat and wait for the doctor to talk to me. Yikes! Why the hushed tones and consultation? Had I destroyed my liver? Were my kidneys fried? Was my blood a suitable substitute for coffee creamer?

After a few minutes I was ushered into the examination room and Dr. Rowell began rifling the 4 pages of lab results...

The upshot? He wanted to know what I was taking!


All parameters were perfect, CBC/Platelets were perfect, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel was perfect, Endocrinology was perfect.

Except Lipids:

Triglycerides at 88 mg/dL (halved from two years ago!)
Cholesterol 160 mg/dL (down from 198 two years ago)
Cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.5 (couldn't ask for better)

HS-CRP (High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) 0.27 mg/L (normal range 3-10)
No, that is not a typo: 0.27

Homocysteine 5.8 micromoles (Desirable for males: less than 11.4 micromoles/L)

My doctor had never seen a HS-CRP or homocysteine measurement so low in any of his patients before! These tests are a measure of inflammation response anywhere in your body, and have value in predicting cardiovascular risks. Do a Google on them to learn some very interesting facts about these measures.

Modern anti-aging research has many roads leading to reduction of inflammation as being key to anti-aging therapy (see Dr. Cynthia Kenyons ground breaking work). If you prefer Dr. Perricone and his style, you must remember he considers reducing inflammation as key to a healthy body.

So I left the physicians office quite thrilled- seems I have, through careful and intelligent supplementation, achieved, at least via currently measurable qualities, a highly desirable chemical balance in my body. Suitable, all things considered, for a very long and healthy life.

The best part? My business is focused like a laser on helping other people live longer, healthier lives. Bringing them products they can trust and building relationships based on offering superior value.

My supplement regimin in the next blog post. I can't wait to share with you!


Monday, November 07, 2005

Mera Pharmaceuticals AstaFactor Astaxanthin

Available early next week: AstaFactor Astaxanthin.

Did you see the profile of this company on "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel? They offer a Salmon Oil and Astaxanthin product, "SalmonEssentials", a pure AstaFactor "Rejuvenation" product and the mega-dose AstaFactor "Sports Formula" with a huge 10mg of pure Astaxanthin content.

What is the big deal? Super potent antioxidant, and you know how important antioxidants like astaxanthin are for healthy cells and anti-aging at the mitochondrial level. Furthermore, astaxanthin is superb for reducing inflammation and would be an incredible used in combination with a time-release r-lipoic acid like R-PLUS R-Lipoic Acid.

We are only able to obtain a very limited quantity, and I am grabbing 4 of the Salmon Essentials for myself. Expect the SalmonEssentials (3 softgels = 4 mg of astaxanthin) and AstaFactor Sports Formula (2 softgels = 5mg of astaxanthin) to start shipping approx next Tuesday (Nov 15th). If you want some, preorder now to lock in your availability as succeeding shipments are weeks away.

The AstaFactor Rejuvenating Formula is at least 4 weeks away from shipping, so you can preorder if you like, but you have a much longer wait.

Wow, imagine a pure, clean salmon oil combined with astaxanthin. You have heard how good salmon is for you. The latest issue of Life Extension Foundation magazine has an article by renowned Dr. Nicholous Perricone espousing the virtues of astaxanthin and he rates it number one of his top supplement recommendations!

Mera Pharmaceuticals, our supplier partner, provides the only pharmaceutical quality astaxanthin, don't waste your money on the crap selling for $6-$15 a bottle. We are looking out for you- we already offer you easy quantity discounts for those wishing to stock-up and save money.

As usual Relentless Improvement seeks out the unusual but highly effective products that help you to live a better life.


Ecommerce Customer Service

I posted a week ago about my favorite soap. After placing my order I still don't have it. Nor did I ever receive any updates about when it would be available.

I just called the gift shop at the Ahwahnee hotel, reached the 'internet" customer service and discovered that my order went through their site but somehow was forgotten. The woman I spoke to obviously could care less about helping me, told me the site advised delivery in 3-4 weeks which is incorrect- it doesn't say that. And what kind of business considers 3-4 week delivery as acceptable? What a joke.

Well, they found my "missing" order and told me it will ship today (we shall see). No apology, no "thank you for your patience", no "thank you for your order", just a feeling I was responsible for interrupting her day.

All in all, while the product happens to be excellent, my purchase experience sucked.

My challenge is accepting this atrocious level of customer service, and a less than perfect web purchase experience. Put me in charge of that (likely tiny) operation and heads would roll ASAP.

Many people think they pop up a Yahoo! store, get a PayPal account and bam, they have a fine internet business. Ugh. Look, I have news for you that you can take to the bank:

Customer service rules all. A quick, easy purchase with email follow-up at every stage is critical. Fast delivery is crucial. Automatically providing a tracking number should be expected. Greet phone calls with a smile in your voice.

If you are putting up a web store just because somebody told you that you need to have an internet site is a disservice to your Customers, and your business, because if you provide a crappy experience, good Customer comments turn to bad comments.

Back in the late 90's when the web was in its infancy, people didn't know better. Well, they do now, and there are no excuses for anything less than an AWESOME, FUN, INCREDIBLE ecommerce transaction!

Rant over.

I wish I could figure out who makes that soap. I would love to offer it to you on my site.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Mprize - Million Dollar Donation

Wow- An anonymous donor sent a cashiers check for One Million Dollars. That will perk up your day!

Read about it here at the Mprize site.

Relentless Improvement has donated $1800.00 so far this year, and I am thrilled we could do so. Every company should give back, and Immortality Institute and Mprize are our causes to support.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

R-Lipoic Acid Still on Sale

For those of you that did not catch my post from last week, the Mito-Gold and RALA-Gel are still on sale. We have never put them on sale before, and may never again. If you have benn on the fence and wanted to try a bottle, or stock up for your regular use, this is your chance.

Mito-GOLD here ($59.95 for 1-2, $54.95 for 3 or more) and RALA-Gel here ($29.95 regardless of quantity-wow).

Remember Ames's Macarana dancing mice? Pair these premium time release lipoics with GeroNova's new Carnitine Plus™ ALCAR/Carnitine orotate. You save by having Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Carnitine in the same capsule. You get higher bioavailability because this product employs a revolutionary orotate transport.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pay Per Click Your Way to Oblivion

What fascinates me is how some companies throw money out the window. I won't pick on anyone by name, but the reason you should care is because you are the loser. How so? Well, if a business wastes more money, that means less is available to improve quality of ingredients, less to build and deploy a well designed website ($$) for you to purchase from, and less to build value into Customer service and high quality employees.

Here is the deal- when you do a search on, lets say, Google you receive the "organic" search results on the left of the page. On the right are the "Pay per click" ads purchased by businesses targeting whatever keywords or search term you typed in.

Google's ad program is called AdWords, and is quite sophisticated in the functionality it offers to advertisers. At the core, an advertiser picks keywords or key phrases that they want an ad to appear for. Lets make one up- "Funky Extract". If no other advertisers are running ads for Funky Extract, it might only cost the advertiser 5 cents for each time somebody clicks on it.

In most businesses, certain keywords are very competitive because of their popularity- many advertisers want their ads to show when a search is done. The more the advertiser "bids" (called a cost per click) on that keyword, higher the ad places on the search result page.

What is happening is that some companies are bidding as much, or more, than the retail price of the product! For example paying $3 per click and the product sells for $3. Explain that to me (Some may be receiving co-op ad money to reimburse them, but then the manufacturer pays and again you get a lesser quality product). Most examples are for house brands, so the money is simply being pi**ed away.

Unless you have your own ad campaigns running (as we do) you have no way to see the bid prices, and no way to tell when this is happening. Certain supplement product keywords are bid as high as $3-4 per click. Keep in mind only a small percent of clicks actually result in a purchase, so the actual cost per sale can be astronomical.

We figured out the pay per click game a long time ago, our marketing expense as a percent of sales is about one-third industry average. We also use software to recognize and gather evidence for click fraud, which is about 30% of all clicks (if necessary, we can actually identify the specific computer the clicks came from).

Why do I take the time to share this with you? Just another way we add value to your ecommerce experience by keeping our expenses low, so that we can pass the savings along to you in the form of lower prices and higher quality.

Many businesses trying to play in the ecommerce sandbox, few have a commanding grasp of exactly what is involved.