Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Piracetam Kid Gives His Subjective Observations.

'Racetam enthusiast? Guilty as charged!

Had an interesting conversation today with a Customer regarding 'racetam use and effects. My business interest is happy Customers having reasonable expectations, so I try very hard not to "blow smoke".

I have been enjoying daily use of Ortho-Mind as a (hugely) cost effective foundation product. On top of that I add Piracetam 2400mg AM and PM, Aniracetam 1500mg mid-morning, Oxiracetam 1600mg mid-afternoon.

Stacking the racetams for daily use was a gradual process, and I really enjoy the synergistic results. Ah but what are the results you ask? Racetams effects vary widely by individual, I wouldn't dare claim you will obtain the same effects I do. But this much I am positive of- they make a difference, my performance is enhanced, I would hate to have to discontinue their use.

What I notice:
  • Creativity enhancement. No doubt. There is not enough time in the day to implement everything I think of.
  • Fluidity of speech, much less grasping for words. Fewer pauses. Clear, on the fly, discussion of concepts.
  • Music! I hear things on old CD's that I never noticed before. In fact, using headphones or a good stereo speaker set-up is now an awesome experience every time.
  • Driving- A feeling of hyper awareness of everything going on around me in traffic.
Did you know racetams have no known toxicity, and have been in use worldwide for decades?