Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kombucha, Freebies, Blog Readers Special

I posted a few weeks ago about a delicious drink I found called kombucha which is a fermented black tea. Oh so yummy. See if you can find some, try it, and post a comment back here sharing your thoughts on it. The one I am drinking today has a bit of ginger in it!

Piggybacking on yesterdays post, I have an extra copy of Fantastic Voyage here that I will send to the first person to email me. No strings and I will even pay the postage (Domestic only please). (Late edit- Matt, the book is coming to you!)

Blog readers special- I put UNI Piracetam on special sale for only $12.95 ea when you buy 4. Just click that link above. This new article describes Piracetam as an "alzheimers" drug but I use it daily for neuroprotection and cognitive enhancement. Grab it and growl!