Tuesday, October 11, 2005

GeroNova Research K-RALA® Powder / RLA-MCT25™ Powder- Kilo Quantities

We are not getting into the powder business.

We are however acting as GeroNova Research's retail distributor for K-RALA® powder and new RLA-MCT25™ R-Lipoic Acid sustained release powder in kilo quantities.

You will benefit in several ways:
  • You may purchase in kilo increments and the product will arrive in manufacturer sealed packaging (no counterfeit risk).
  • COA's are available.
  • You do not risk stale product.
  • You do not risk product that has been stored in hot or humid conditions.
  • You can save money on bulk purchases if you are so inclined.
The reason we do not offer other products in bulk powders is simply the liability risk. We would have to divide up the raw material, we would need a clean room and appropriate protection equipment (gloves, gowns, masks, hair nets). We would have no way of reasonable assuring you that what we claim is in the packaging is actually in the packaging.

All these problems are a non-issue with our new GeroNova manufacturer sealed packaging.

Available on our site now.