Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday Customer Feedback

"To Pete and the rest of the team:

Amazing service. I put in an order over the internet at about 2:30 Thursday afternoon (PDT). Not only do you ship the same day and send me this confirming e-mail (below), but the package is delivered the very next day, i.e., today, Friday. And, it is accompanied by a nice thank you card signed by Pete. Thank you.

I discovered your web site Wednesday while I was trying to get to the bottom of the ALA (alpha-lipoic acid) story. In the course of this investigation, I had learned about and been impressed by the work GeroNova is doing. After finding your site as a supplier of their products, I realized that you demonstrated a high level of commitment to finding out what really works and why and sharing this information with your actual and potential customers.

One avenue is the blog, and I went through all entries and chased down quite a few of the leads suggested by it. It is clear that you all are working very hard to get on top of the corner of the supplement world you're interested in, and I appreciate the work and the integrity you bring to it. So here's another thank you."

Pete note- this is the sort of feedback that keeps us working nights and weekends to add more value to our Customers interaction with Relentless Improvement.

Wait until you see what is coming next week... there is the merest hint on our store.