Saturday, October 01, 2005

Are You A Dumpster Diner?

Buckle up and grab a coffee, because I am going present some interesting facts, opinion and perspective.

First, Housekeeping:

If you post (anywhere in public) as fact (but you have no proof), information about a specific company that can be interpreted by the average person as negative, you have quite likely opened yourself up to a libel and defamation lawsuit. A computer offers you no anonymity, as server records can easily be subpoenaed to document your identity and location.

More information on libel and slander can be found at this link.

If accused of libel, your only sure defense is your ability to prove what you claimed as fact was true. If you cannot do that, you will likely be sued for damages. Relentless Improvement will vigorously pursue and bring action against any individual or business making baseless defamatory comments.

Comparing various business models is certainly fair game. Post lies and you have crossed the line.

Second: Some thoughts on value:

Want to save money? Want to eat your fill at no charge? Sure!

1. Ok- go out the back door, walk to the nearest dumpster and dig in pal! A veritable feast awaits you and it won't cost you a dime.
2. Self serve, and no delivery!

Great Value?
Or Low Price?
You Decide!

Got a hankerin' for that same meal but with less nausea factor? Might want to spend some cash at the local diner to:

1. Improve (but not ensure) your quality.
2. Have more pleasant surroundings (a view of the freeway not the alley).
3. Get a better presentation (but not awesome).
4. Make it more nutritious (maybe, did you order the fried food?).
5. However- The waitress smells of beer, and looks hung-over. The cook has visible dandruff.
6. And the cashier disappears for a few minutes with your credit card (hmm, wonder why?).

Great Value?
Or Low Price?
You Decide!

Perhaps you feel you deserve to be treated like a King (or Queen)?

1. You seek a truly unique experience, with well designed surroundings.
2. You are offered valet parking coming and going.
3. Your spirit is warmed by the lovely tablecloths, silverware, and art on the walls.
4. You want assurances of quality. Who wants to wind up with stomach flu?
5. You hear others rave about the experience.
6. You have confidence the waiter won't steal your credit card info.
7. You have better things to do with your time than sit at home for hours preparing meals.

Great Value?
Or Low Price?
You Decide!

If you are perceptive at all, you can understand where I am going with this and the point I am making. You seek an experience that fits your wants and needs. You also know that if you are the winner in the "Race to the Bottom", a dumpster dinner probably awaits you.

There is no free lunch, and no matter how "entitled" you may feel, the quality of your experiences are usually directly correlated to the cost. This fact is as old as man himself.

Third: Value Innovation

We have so many cool things going on behind the scenes, I cannot wait for you to see them. As might be expected with a market leader like Relentless Improvement, other business might try to copy our business model. But as copycats, they will fail because they are not innovators.

The supplement world is 95% me-too copycats, look alike web sites, and yesterdays thinking. Does that make you think, "yeah, so true!"?

Those businesses that have a vision and support their community, that think constantly about how to add quality and value to the Customer experience, always seeking innovative and cutting edge products and suppliers, those businesses have a bright future.

Those that only understand one thing, undercutting prices, deserve the dumpster divers they will attract.