Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Supplement "Reviewing" Web Sites

The internet is so cool. The internet is a cesspool.

Yup, both statements are true.

I have been noticing sites popping up purporting to offer "supplement reviews". They cloak themselves in an image and message that leads you to believe they are simply testing and offering you an unbiased, 3rd party review of products.

The amazing thing is, they all seem to guide you toward a purchase! Folks- please, PLEASE when you visit a website do a little poking around while wearing your skeptics hat. These "review" sites are a thinly veiled marketing ploy, nothing more.

Don't be a sucker and part with your hard earned money to scam artists. These underhanded tactics, like roaches, need a light shined on them. The only way to exterminate them is by NOT FEEDING them :-)