Wednesday, September 28, 2005

R-Lipoic Acid, The Bad News

In The Race To Save a Buck- Everyone Loses.

Are you really taking R-Lipoic Acid?

A major supplier of raw material bulk powders has for more than 6 months been selling what they claim is European R-Lipoic Acid. This product has been going to suppliers and bottlers all over the country and is on store shelves and internet sites under various brands. It priced at the lowest end of the R-Lipoic market, and is not a stabilized r-lipoic (like the ones we carry).

One small problem with this scenario; the material is not R-Lipoic Acid, it is the inferior and much cheaper cousin Alpha-Lipoic Acid. And it is not manufactured in Europe, it is from China.

An enantioselective HPLC testing method clearly showed two peaks, one for RLA and the other for SLA. These twin peaks in the test combined with a melting point analysis, clearly proved beyond a doubt that the product was not what was claimed.

Sadly, it is a buyer beware market right now, and very few distributors, bulk powder suppliers and finished product producers employ any quality measures when it comes to being able to differentiate one product from another.

This bulk powder supplier has been notified of the bogus material of which they have already sold hundreds of kilos. They have been provided the opportunity to do the right thing- stop advertising this material and recall the falsely labeled product.

They have so far chosen to do neither, and are continuing to sell racemic Alpha-Lipoic Acid as R-Lipoic Acid.