Thursday, September 15, 2005

Premium Piracetam Now Shipping

It was our best kept secret and now it is out-

Piracetam shows very beneficial effects in a wide range of people. I use them daily. The problem has been obtaining a premium grade, 100% independently tested product.

Several months ago we decided to tackle this challenge head on. We managed to source premium grade piracetam raw material. The supplier's C of A looked good. Our next step was to send the raw material to the bottler where a sample of each was drawn, and then the bulk product was quarantined.

The samples were subjected to a battery of testing including HPLC and melting point for purity and a heavy metal assay for dangerous contaminants.

If other suppliers test at all, this is where they stop. However there is a problem- during the manufacture, in storage, in shipping, the raw material can become contaminated with molds, fungus, bacteria and other quite nasty stuff. Any true pharmaceutical quality substances must be subject to, and pass, microbial tests.

Ours passed all tests with flying colors.

Now, we had the documentation necessary to begin bottling! Testing was our beginning, not an afterthought.

View the test results, check out the labels, and purchase a few bottles of the Piracetam. We would love to hear your comments.

You will be quite pleased with our new products and you can expect to see some groundbreaking new products being available from us within 2 months. Some will be nootropic in nature, others oriented towards life-extension and longevity.

We have a bright future together!