Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nootropics (Smart drugs)

One of my pet product groups are nootropics, sometimes known as smart drugs. There are only a handful of substances documented to help you with memory, cognition, focus and overall brain function.

As of today we offer you a wide and effective selection, including:

I personally use Ortho-Mind in combination with Piracetam, and sometimes adding either Oxi, Ani or Pramiracetam. You can take these together for a greater, synergistic effect. You will like the Ortho-Mind because it includes a variety of neuro-protectants along with proven mental boosters and is very cost effective for you when considering the generous doses.

Always use supplemental R-lipoic Acid when using nootropics. The additional mitochondrial activity generates free radicals which are neutralized by R-Lipoic Acid. Besides, the R-Lipoic Acid adds an energy boost dimension to the nootropics and you do want more energy while using your noggin right? We offer you the only r-lipoic proven effective in human blood plasma studies - from GeroNova Research.

My question to you is, why would you not want to avail yourself of safe and effective augmentation? Can you think of anything so advantagous as helping your brain to process information to the best of its ability?

Who do you work with that might be using nootropics? Who are you interviewing against that might be augmented? Who is sitting next to you in class with clear, clean thought processes thanks to nootropics?

Not trying to be dramatic here, but this is the new reality, and those who "get it" will have an advantage in life over those that do not.

Coming (very) soon, we will be raising the bar in this industry. Offering you new standards in purity, performance, availability. Watch the blog for more information.

Oh yeah, for goodness sake try out our new site! It is very easy to use and you can now store all your personal information to use on your next visit. I think it is the Ferrari of shopping carts. I would love to hear your opinion.