Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Supplier Added- Vitamin Research Products

We look long and hard before adding suppliers. High quality and unique offerings are hard to find. We found one though- VRP Vitamin Research Products. This well respected company has been serving the public since 1979.

Some of the items we chose to add include:

LipiControl for cholesterol.
PressureFX for blood pressure.
CeaseFire for heartburn and indigestion.
Beta Glucan for immune enhancement.
Beta Sitosterol for prostate.
Carnosee eye drops for cataracts.
Galantamine for cognitive enhancement and memory.
Idebenone for cognitive enhancement and antiaging.
Silymarin extract for liver and antiaging.

These additions do not duplicate existing products, and they provide you with more choices to deal with health concerns. All product pages include the research references to human studies that are important for you to verify efficacy.

Let us know how you feel about these additions by voting with your wallet :-)