Monday, September 05, 2005

Mailing Lists and Your Preferences



You hate it. I hate it. What a scourge.

Ecommerce sites harvest and use your personal information to either spam you directly, or worse, sell your information for marketing purposes.

Relentless Improvement is a little different. Our new site is set to allow you to "Opt-in" to receive updates from us (once each month or two). I would guess 99% of sites do not allow you to "opt-in" as we do, instead they force you to "opt-out" (If you can figure out how and where to do it!).

We believe it is harmful to our relationship with a Customer if we send you any communication that you do not want to receive. We believe it is disrespect to send you email that you do not want to receive.

So, if you CHOOSE to allow us to send you new product and site updates, you MUST "opt-in" when you check out.

Just another way to make your overall experience with us more pleasant and confidence inspiring. We want to earn your business - not piss you off.

One very cool feature of our new website is the ability on any product page for YOU to send an email telling a friend (or reminding yourself) about that product. Try it out, you will be surprised by the results.

Happy Labor Day!