Monday, August 22, 2005



Well, 95% moved. You know how it is right? Always bits and pieces. Details to clean up. But we love our new digs, and it lays the foundation to serve you, our Customers even better.

Speaking of which, wait until you get a glimpse of our new website and shopping cart. I tell ya, you will be ordering because it is so fun and easy. Wait another week or two and see. It is going to blow you away. People will buy computers just to shop with us :-)

It is tons of hard work and 7 day weeks, but we love the challenge of raising the bar when it comes to ease of purchase and improving the overall Customer experience. The beauty of a small boutique company like Relentless Improvement is that we can make changes instantly when it makes sense. Big companies, well, the Customer is lost in the shuffle.

Thank you all for your confidence and your business. There are more good things to come, but that is another blog post!