Thursday, August 25, 2005

Big Company Customer Service

Ok, this is a rant, plain and simple.

How, can a company stay in business when it just could care less about people? I mean people as in their Customers?

Moving forces change, and those changes create the opportunity for some abject lessons on who understands a Customers needs, and who does not.

SBC for example. We are what, 5, 6, 7 years into DSL service being available? You would think a huge telecommunications company with all the resources it has could figure out how to get DSL hooked up by now eh?


SBC has some of the worst customer service. A horrendously condescending long recording to listen too. Reps that don't follow-up or return emails. Reps that don't know their job and that do not convey a sense of competency. Reps that spout scripted chirpy crap instead of offering performance. And each rep will offer a different story on how the process works.

We were thrilled with Comcast providing a great internet connection at our old location, nearly 4 meg down. Perfect for our needs. But cable is not available at the new digs, so we are left to choose DSL or wireless ($$) for broadband service.

The jury is still out on which route we take, and in the meantime we are scrambling to do the one single thing that we clearly understand is critical. Getting Customer orders out. And we are. Because we really do give a damn about happy Customers. Nobody at Relentless comes to work because we have to, we do it because we love what we do.

If the day comes that we do not love what we do, we will shut the doors.

So many good things to come, but not at the speed we would prefer. I have received much positive feedback in past weeks regarding how we do business. Thank you! We are driven by your feedback to make your experience with Relentless better in big and small ways. Thank you for your business.