Wednesday, August 31, 2005

RALA-Gel In Stock

The RALA-Gel shipment is in and back-orders have been filled today.

Ourselves and one other distributor are getting this entire batch.

RALA-Gel is superb for energy, reducing appetite, reversing DNA and enzyme damage, optimising glucose metabolism. Excellent for diabetics, athletes, and basically anybody seeking a "real" antiaging product.


Pyridoxamine Final Update

If you want some Pyridoxall, (pyridoxamine) before it becomes a prescription drug - it is entering phase III trials and about to become prescription only, place your order by THIS SATURDAY.

After that, we can't sell it.

We have received a cease and desist and have to pull it from the site.


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pyridoxall - Pyridoxamine Update

Still up in the air as to whether or not we will be able to sell Pyridoxall (contains pyridoxamine) after this weekend (Sept 5).

In spite of this being suplied by a major producer- Jarrow Formulas, we are under legal threat to withdraw it from our site.

Pyridoxamine is an AGE-inhibitor proven in multiple studies.

If you want to purchase the Pyridoxall product you best get your order in today.


RALA-Gel Limited Supplies in Stock

GeroNova managed to get a small batch produced in order to address the shortage of RALA-Gel. I will have a limited supply on Wednesday, and when this sells out, we will be out for about 2 months.

This product is 100% RLA with no DHLA.

If you snooze, you will lose.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Orleans and Hurricanes

We have Customers in New Orleans and Louisiana and my heart goes out to you all. I also have many fond memories of time spent in New Orleans- maybe 20-30 visits. A crazy, dangerous, beautiful, colorful town full of hard scrabble, hard working, blue collar people.. Yummy and deadly (fat!) foods too (sigh).

Years ago I lived in a small coastal Alabama town (Fairhope) 130 miles to the east of new Orleans and we got hit by some "small" hurricanes. It was not fun, and the clean-up, well the clean-up just sucked. It went on for months. What many of you don't know is the fire ants cluster on downed branches and detritus and when you grab that branch they just swarm you.

A fire ant bite hurts like hell. A bunch of them can really make you miserable. I am allergic to them as I found out after several bites caused an anaphylactic reaction. No fun.

Anyhow, It looks like New Orleans is going to get the big one, and we wish you the best. We all choose to assume risks no matter where we live. Here in Northern California we of course have earthquake faults all over the place. It is our destiny to get shaken but good sometime. It is a risk we live with.

500k or so people trying to "evacuate" is just not possible and being in a car during a hurricane is terrifying and dangerous. I wonder if I would just try to stock up on water and ride it out at the 3rd floor or above for 3-5 days until they pump the water back out of the city.

Quantifying, confronting and trying to mitigate risk is a key to a long and successful life. Ultimately the choices we make today shape our lives tomorrow.

Take care y'all.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Small Company Customer Service- WeCare Wireless

DSL, Cable, Wireless broadband update:

We practiced what we preach- and signed up with WeCare Wireless Networks today. What I mean by that is we emailed them last night at 6PM for a quote, and today at 10 AM we are installed and running!

That my friends is what Customer Service is all about. Any of you in the Tri-Valley (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin) area of Northern California deserve to explore a wireless broadband internet connection. David Curtis is the man to talk to, 925-449-4272.

For as horrendous as the Comcast and SBC experience was, WeCare does indeed "care". I couldn't be happier about partnering with them.

Comcast Business Internet and SBC Business DSL would leave you as a business to go out of business in the time it takes them to figure out if:
A. They actually can offer service where that say they can.
B. Get service up and running.

I suppose it is Darwinian, the big bloated old business dinosaurs will die a deserved death, and the more adapted and customer oriented business will supplant them.

As it should be.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Update- Pyridoxamine (Jarrow Pyridoxall) Availability

Interesting issues at play here. Some of you are already aware. Bottom line? Unknown at this point. Some Customers have chosen to minimize risk by placing bulk orders. We have the inventory and we can fill those orders.

For now.

That may change in 2 weeks. This is not a marketing tactic, this is a fact. We do not have the time, money, or inclination to fight the lawyers.


Catalogs and New Products

There are some very cool new products coming in about 4 weeks from Advanced Orthomolecular Research. I am sworn to secrecy by my AOR rep Peter, but I am very excited to make the new products available. The life extension community will be especially pleased at the new offerings.

AOR and Relentless Improvement have a great business relationship, and we are thrilled to be a primary North American distributor of their products. AOR is a niche company with some very unique offerings, so they are a perfect fit for a boutique retailer like Relentless.

AOR is going to make a catalog available (it is not available YET!), and we plan to enclose one with all orders going out the door. As soon as we get them, you will get one. But, you have to place an order :-)

Big Company Customer Service

Ok, this is a rant, plain and simple.

How, can a company stay in business when it just could care less about people? I mean people as in their Customers?

Moving forces change, and those changes create the opportunity for some abject lessons on who understands a Customers needs, and who does not.

SBC for example. We are what, 5, 6, 7 years into DSL service being available? You would think a huge telecommunications company with all the resources it has could figure out how to get DSL hooked up by now eh?


SBC has some of the worst customer service. A horrendously condescending long recording to listen too. Reps that don't follow-up or return emails. Reps that don't know their job and that do not convey a sense of competency. Reps that spout scripted chirpy crap instead of offering performance. And each rep will offer a different story on how the process works.

We were thrilled with Comcast providing a great internet connection at our old location, nearly 4 meg down. Perfect for our needs. But cable is not available at the new digs, so we are left to choose DSL or wireless ($$) for broadband service.

The jury is still out on which route we take, and in the meantime we are scrambling to do the one single thing that we clearly understand is critical. Getting Customer orders out. And we are. Because we really do give a damn about happy Customers. Nobody at Relentless comes to work because we have to, we do it because we love what we do.

If the day comes that we do not love what we do, we will shut the doors.

So many good things to come, but not at the speed we would prefer. I have received much positive feedback in past weeks regarding how we do business. Thank you! We are driven by your feedback to make your experience with Relentless better in big and small ways. Thank you for your business.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Synergy Kombucha

I am not a big proponent of store bought drinks and juices. Most are jammed with WAY too much sugar. The so called "juice" drinks are also pasturized which ruins any health benefit because it destroys natural nutrients.


I found a brand of Kombucha called "Synergy" which knocks my socks off. Kombucha is a cultered (fermented) Chinese tea. This stuff also has L-theanine, probiotics and some B vitamins.

Low sugar (8g in 16oz)and certified organic.

I found it in my local Whole Foods Market for about $3 a bottle.

This is a free endorsement- I don't sell the stuff or make a penny if you buy any of it. But, I swear I get a boost whenever I drink it. Must work well with the Ortho-Mind and GeroNova R-Lipoic I use :-)


Monday, August 22, 2005



Well, 95% moved. You know how it is right? Always bits and pieces. Details to clean up. But we love our new digs, and it lays the foundation to serve you, our Customers even better.

Speaking of which, wait until you get a glimpse of our new website and shopping cart. I tell ya, you will be ordering because it is so fun and easy. Wait another week or two and see. It is going to blow you away. People will buy computers just to shop with us :-)

It is tons of hard work and 7 day weeks, but we love the challenge of raising the bar when it comes to ease of purchase and improving the overall Customer experience. The beauty of a small boutique company like Relentless Improvement is that we can make changes instantly when it makes sense. Big companies, well, the Customer is lost in the shuffle.

Thank you all for your confidence and your business. There are more good things to come, but that is another blog post!


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Customer Service- What is up?

You buy something from somebody, and by habit you thank them and the response something to the effect of- "No problem".


Call me old fashioned- but I say "you're welcome". Actually if they are buying from me it is "No- Thank YOU!" with a big smile in my voice.

The other issue is companies making it oh so damn difficult to purchase from them in the first place. For example, Ikea and Comcast Business Cable. Phone menus that last for what seems like hours, people that do not know their jobs, and the worst is that the reality does not meet the marketing.

Don't say you offer a service when you don't (or if it is fraught with fine print). Sheesh.

One of my founding principles with Relentless Improvement is to get you what you want. Fast. Easy. Painless. Life is too short for poor purchase experiences don't you think?

Blog posts will be sporadic as we initiate our move to bigger offices and warehouse over the next 2 weeks. Please forgive me and I promise to be back to my old prolific posting in September. Lots of new stuff soon to be available to our Customers, some very interesting new products under a new Relentless Improvement private label, an even better website, and the same quick order fulfillment.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Is Summer Roasting Your Supplements?

Seems we are all experiencing a really hot summer. Some people have temps of over 100 degrees F. Now, have you considered where your supplements are warehoused?

We have.

Because some substances lose potency (or worse) with extended exposure to heat. I do not want to take impotent supplements and I sure do not want to sell them to my Customers!

All our inventory is kept in climate controlled warehousing. Controlled for heat (80 F or less), humidity (less than 30%) and sun (none). Think of the big vitamin and supplement suppliers and their warehouses roasting in this summers heat. Think of how risky that is for the products that you buy.

Special items, our EPA Brite and Myelin MS, are kept refrigerated while warehoused for maximum potency and freshness.

Pharmaceutical grade products should be handled as such. We thrive on offering you a better value, thanks for your support.


Pyridoxamine (Pyridoxall)

Just added a new product- Pyridoxall, containing pyridoxamine. This substance has been very hard to obtain and is quite popular among the life-extension folks.

We will have it in stock Wednesday or Thursday, order now to reserve yours.