Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Relentless Improvement™ Brand Product

The bottle shots will be made prettier tomorrow but here is a sneak peek at our Relentless Improvement™ Brand Product. More to come where it makes sense.

We are using a supplier with 20 years of highly respected industry experience for all of our private label products. Experience matters. I had a chance to meet some of the people involved and was very impressed- no cheap Chinese powders here my friends, they use pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This is another local, Northern California company.

So many retailers have no idea who is behind the suppliers that they buy from. We have always been convinced it is imperative to build a strong relationship with our suppliers and meet them face to face.

Had a very good, long conversation with a prospective supplier today. They are quite cutting edge and I was impressed with what they could offer my Customers.

Had (yet) another long conversation with an existing supplier that will be shocking a lot of people by the end of this year. Just wait and see what they are developing and will soon be available (teaser- custom engineered molecules manufactured in actual pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities).

Lots of incredible stuff coming down the pike, some of which will be exclusive to Relentless. Let others race to the bottom, we are in the race to the top.

Thanks for your support, and always let me know how I can serve you better: 925-236-2255