Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Herbal" Does NOT Mean Safe

Many of my Customers ask me if an item is an "herbal" or "natural".

Wrong question.

Right Questions:
1. Is it safe.
2. Is it effective
3. Any other questions come next.

This article says:

"Just because herbal medicines are 'natural' products does not mean that they are safer than conventional medicines," advises a Cornell University expert. "The ingredients in herbal medicines can also have adverse effects and lead to health problems. Yet, there is no focused safety testing of herbal medicines or even reporting system for adverse effects, so when people do have adverse effects, there's no mechanism to pool that data."

The ending paragraph is critical to understand:
" He said that women (and of course men) should choose only high-quality products from reputable sources and to be sure to inform their health-care providers about their herbal medication use, because many herbal supplements can interact with other treatments."

Relentless Improvement is that reputable source for you. Indeed, I am thrilled every time a Customer tells me their Doctor or Pharmacist gave them our phone number or web site address.

I know my readership includes those Doctors and other health care professionals, and I thank you for your confidence and your referrals. We work very hard every day to offer you the very best in non-prescription substances.