Thursday, June 02, 2005


Ha! Gotcha.


BRAIN Augmentation.

Have you ever considered a job interview? Performance in daily tasks? Conversation with friends and other people that might notice a...


You know, tomorrow is here. You can improve cognition, memory, recall, mental agility and ability to learn. You can reverse forgetfulness and "senior moments". You can make it easier to find the car keys. Compose that sentence. Why would you not want to?

See, this is such a new area, you may not realize how you can augment yourself. This is a subject I am going to shed a lot of keystrokes on over the next few weeks in this blog. Because you can be a better you.

Many calls lately from folks in their 50-80's seeking support or reversal of age-related memory loss or cognitive decline. The current state of the art is quite simple and easy- Ortho-Mind from Advanced Orthomolecular Research in Calgary Alberta Canada.

Is the next person going into that job interview augmented? Is your research partner augmented? Is your, heaven forbid, business competitor augmented?