Wednesday, June 22, 2005

AMA Blasts Supplement Packaging

This Yahoo! story says-

"The herbal packaging policy, approved Tuesday by the AMA House of Delegates, directs AMA leadership to urge Congress to modify the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act to require those promoting herbal remedies to prove their efficacy and safety and to force the herbal remedies to list product ingredients on packages."

AMA being the American Medical Association.

Guess what? I am in total agreement with that statement!

In fact, if you have been a regular reader of my blog you will find many posts by me railing against the scammers, snake-oil sites and outright lies that are passed off in the name chasing a buck. If you take any supplement that does not fully disclose:
1. The ingredients
2. Doses of those ingredients
There is a excellent chance you are being ripped off.

We never have, and never will, offer any product without full and total disclosure of BOTH ingredients and dose.

But we go much further than that- by offering you referenced research of efficacy for nearly 100% of our products! Only Relentless Improvement™ goes to that degree of disclosure to inform you. Look at the bottom of each product page on our site, those numbered items are the references of efficacy from scientific literature.

It would be hard to imagine more objectivity and helpfulness in the information that we provide you to make your buying decision.

The article also says:
"packaging of some herbal remedies is confusing and gives the impression that the supplements are pharmaceutical products."

Again, I totally agree, HOWEVER, I do have the right to note my high quality line-up of suppliers and products as "Pharmaceutical Quality" to differentiate from the grocery store quality supplements. There is a quality difference, and Relentless Improvement™ is dedicated to delivering it to our Customers.

Pharmaceuticals- no, Pharmaceutical quality- yes.

Effective? Oh yes.

It's The Relentless Difference™, why settle for anything less?

Relentless Improvement™